Lisa Marie Presley Feels Guilty Over Michael Jackson's Death

October 21, 2010 07:30:58 GMT

The ex-wife of the late King of Pop feels that way because she believes she could have helped him turn his life around if she had known he was so ill.

Lisa Marie Presley
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Lisa Marie Presley is haunted by the death of her ex-husband Michael Jackson- because she believes she could have helped him turn his life around if she had known the King of Pop was so ill. In her first in-depth interview since Jackson lost his life last summer, Presley, who was married to the pop superstar from 1994 to 1996, tells Oprah Winfrey in a TV special to air on Thursday, October 21 she feels she could have done more for the "Thriller" singer in the final months of his life.

She says, "I know that it's naive to think that I could have (saved him) but I wanted to. Had I made a call, had I stopped being so shut off from him, had I just said, 'How are you?' I really regret that I didn't."

But Presley fears that even if she had reached out to help Jackson, he would have refused her aid - and she knew the superstar was charting a course to destruction while she was married to him. She adds, "I think that was a train headed in a certain direction that I don't know if anyone could have stopped and I've had to really get my head around that in order to stop the pain."


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posted by nimfa on Feb 13, 2011
its no use, his dead!!!!
posted by Jacqueline on Oct 22, 2010
Why all the IFs now?? What is there for regrets now? You ain't gonna go back in time to do good things! You should be doing good things at that point of time. We now hear only one side of stories about who dumping who or who walked out from the marriage. one will ever know the truth Miss your voice, Michael
posted by dianne on Oct 21, 2010
it;s always after the fact that these people come forward and its just to make themselves feel good if she could of helped michael she could have at least tryed
posted by regret on Oct 21, 2010
its too bad but michaels lawyer tom mesereau said they reached out to some people to help michael during trial and they wouldnt come near him, and those are the ones crying the hardest and saying how much they loved him etc, she is the first one i thought of because she was out promoting her album while he was on trial and trashing him. she has her own mental issues
posted by Jay on Oct 21, 2010
I dont get it tho, in all her other interviews she trashed him and seemed like she was embarrased and regret marrying him. Its good to hear from her since he died, i miss him! RIP THE KING

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