Local Groups Upset Over Michael Jackson's Name Re-honored

October 19, 2010 07:59:40 GMT

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests officials are against Jackson's name uncovered above the entrance to Gardner Street Elementary's auditorium.

Michael Jackson
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A Michael Jackson tribute at a Los Angeles school the King of Pop briefly attended has upset one pedophilia awareness group. Officials at the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) are appalled by Los Angeles Unified School District bosses' decision to uncover Jackson's name above the entrance to Gardner Street Elementary's auditorium.

The dedication was boarded over in 2003 when Jackson was charged with child molestation and school officials decided it was time to re-honor their most famous pupil on Friday, October 15. But the rededication has upset many local groups.

A spokeswoman for SNAP tells the Los Angeles Times the move is a "slap in the face" to children who've been subjected to pedophilia. Joelle Casteix tells the publication, "It's grossly disappointing. Although he (Jackson) was never convicted there was a huge secret settlement with at least one alleged victim... With all the brave and courageous people LAUSD could honour, it's a shame they chose to honour him again."

Fans had petitioned the district to uncover Jackson's name on the Gardner Street school's auditorium.


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posted by Trueheart365 on Oct 23, 2010
I just want to say to all of the people out here supporting Michael (AMEN!)
posted by SRevero on Oct 20, 2010
I am so sick of this. Even after he's gone they won't leave him in peace. Leave him alone. I pray Michael RIP inspite of all this nonsence.
posted by ilive4MJ on Oct 20, 2010
what do these sucking people think of themselves?if they are working for those children it doesn't mean that they will say anything about anyone without even knowing anything!actually,it's this sucking media who has done all this stuff that people now are so disrespectful that they are saying anything about my dear MJ who has always been so kind and good to all children!it was those suckers who took an advantage of MJ 's innocence and claimed that he did what he can never ever think of!MJ has always been so good to children and all people in this world.he in fact would forgive these suckers if they would ask him to because he's so innocent and would never think about any kind of revenge!like we all do!i wanna say that these people have now made all MJ fans's so disappointed that now,no one's gonna even pay any head their works that they do for children!it's really good what they are doing but it doesn't means that they will take any name without even knowing the whole story thinking that by this people will have a positive look towards them but the fact is they won't even get a penny of head from now because they have disrespected an innocent man who only lived for children.i have a letter written by MJ in which he says that he cried really often when he reads those untrue things about himself in newspapers and also he said that he loves children and lives for them.there are a lot of things these people have to know about my dear MJ.i am really sorry for these suckers that how unlucky they are that they don't know the truth behind the king,the GOD OF LOVE!but actually i am not sorry for them but i'll pray to lord to give these sucking creatures some mind.these all gonna burn in HELL.i wanna say LEAVE MY DEAR MJ ALONE!for god's sake.these all people should be ashamed of themselves! R.I.P MJ.YOU ARE NOT AT ALL ALONE .YOUR FANS AND LOVERS ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU MY DEAR ANGEL. i love you MJ.
posted by SNAPisSTUPID on Oct 20, 2010
These SNAP people have just shot themselves in the foot. No one will ever take them seriously if they use celebrity slander to get attention. The Courts of LAW found Jackson NOT GUILTY on ALL counts. SNAP is a joke! At least we now know their real agenda.They'll get what's coming to them...
posted by traesa5115 on Oct 19, 2010
This is how the world is now, full of liars. I researched Mj from the very start of the first accusation, he was innocent and gave to us what no one else does. That was true love and healing of our children, this man saved a child's life. What can these people of this group say they did for the world. They are parasites. God Bless Michael Jackson and his family. Rest in peace! I love you!
posted by Vana on Oct 19, 2010
SNAP is gonna find out the hard way that you don't mess with the legacy of Michael Jackson or his fans. How many pedophiles priests have they put behind bars? Shame of them for using MJ in this way. Go after the real pedophiles and leave MJ alone or you will feel the wrath of MJ fans everywhere!
posted by Judith on Oct 19, 2010
Ignorance breeds more ignornace. So I thank all the writers who have supported MJ's character with facts. Some people just love to promote hate and will not bother to research and prove themselves wrong. MJ was innocent. I have read everything availalbe, which took me one solid year of my retirement from teaching children for 37 years. God bless MJ's children and family.
posted by Jacqueline on Oct 19, 2010
Yesss...after reading all the positive comments, your never ending support for Michael, I really salute all of you. For those who are still in ignorance bliss world of their own, wake up, wake up.. and make an effort to see the real things. Make your own judgement and dont let negatives elements influence your thinking. After all these years even when Michael was alive, with the facts till today, ignorant people, you all still cant accept it?? Well, there's one thing, it sure taken them school a long time to restore Michael's name. Miss you bad Michael..
posted by Jodi on Oct 19, 2010
posted by Tube4MJ on Oct 19, 2010
I am 54 and a Teacher from Australia. I can understand how panic in a Community can ensue with any allegation of child molestation. In Michael Jackson's case it was trial by the mass media in both 1993 and 2003. Settling a case out of court is not an admission of guilt. In the real Court in 2005 Michael Jackson was found not guilty of all allegations. After having read the Court transcripts and the recently released FBI files on Michael Jackson, I believe there was no substance to these false allegations both in 1993 and 2003. Associating Michael Jackson as a child molester is showing prejudice and ignorance to the truth. In defense of the School Board who has uncovered Michael Jackson's name on the Gardner Street School Auditorium, teaching children to research facts and not just believe everything they read in newspapers, magazines and watch on TV, I believe is the best education you can give. I teach my students how Michael Jackson will go down in history as one of the greatest human beings the world has ever seen. From a poor family and humble beginnings in a small house in Gary, Indiana, he roze to become one of the most recognized faces on the planet and one of the greatest entertainers and humanitarians of all time. He will be remembered for his love of children and concern for sick children all over the world. Michael Jackson's humanitarian efforts will be remembered by all the schools, orphanages, hospitals and many many charities he contributed to throughout the world. Michael's message to the world to love one another and care for our planet will also be remembered. I believe that the achievements which Michael Jackson was able to make in his short life, is a great education lesson for children all over the world. A message that gives hope to every person no matter what background they come from. Please remember why Michael Jackson was given the honour of having the Auditorium named after him in the first place back in 1989. I am sure no matter what has happened, the reason he was given this honour has not changed. I am happy Michael Jackson's name was uncovered above the Auditorium. This action has taught the children of Gardner Street School that truth and justice does prevail.
posted by ckblv on Oct 19, 2010
How dispicable this group SNAP is. Michael Jackson would no more of hurt a child than Mother Theresa would have. SNAP, you should be ashamed of yourself.
posted by su237 on Oct 19, 2010
Haters eat your hearts out, we won this battle fair and square!!! I'm amazed to see nasty comments still pouring in against Michael despite the fact that he was ACQUITTED on all charges. And I'm stunned by the fact that many people still want to be misguided and continue to fall for the evil lies and conspiracies of the media despite the tons of evidence online that PROVES what Michael faced was one big CONSPIRACY. Mike didnít settle the 93 case because he was guilty or because he had the money to do so, he did it because his advisors gave him the wrong advise. He was doing world tours at the time and cancelling those tours would have had a huge negative impact in terms of money issues due to concert cancellation fees, so he was advised to settle. He took that advise and lived to regret it. Had he gone to court he would have won that case because there was nothing against him. In 2003 another conspiracy took place, an extension of the 93 one plotted by the same haters, but Michael didnít fall for it this time. He clearly mentioned that he had faith in the justice system and took his case to trial. During that very trial Thomas Mesereau clearly exposed the case as EXTORTION and Michael was found NOT GUILTY on ALL CHARGES. Now, if that evil monster Tom Sneddon and his likes had found any proof against Michael since 1993, he/they could have brought it up in the 2003 trial for the entire world to see (ten years is more than enough to obtain evidence I assume!), but he/they didnít because there was NOTHING against Mike and the evil doers know it. Michaelís fans love him because they know what a wonderful human being he is. Michael would never hurt ANYONE, his heart is pure and his intentions are gold. Itís all documented, everything is out there online, he is one of the greatest humanitarians to walk this planet, he cared for the sick, and tried to make this world a better place. His songs make a difference, and intelligently make people think of ways to make positive changes and become better individuals. However, the media never focus on that, for years all they have focused on is the negativity that they imposed on Michael. Itís such a shame when you go online and see his humanitarian efforts captured by every single country he visited, while these same efforts are not appreciated or even mentioned by his own country!! People should start asking why, and who is doing this to him? What evil agenda does it serve?.. I strongly recommend everyone to do their own research and find out the truth for themselves instead of blindly believing what the media feeds them. Criminals responsible for killing millions are let loose, while Michael who was proved NOT GUILTY continues to be crucified?!!! When is this madness going to stop? On what bases are these stones being thrown at him? By word of mouth by haters and a media that was out to bring him down? When are people going to wake up and see the TRUTH AND REALIZE IT WAS A CONSPIRACY!!? I for one will not stop defending Michael, and I know his loyal fans will follow pursuit. We are not imposing anything on anyone. All people have brains and they can all do their own research. The truth is out there for all to see IF THEY TAKE THE TIME AND EFFORT TO DO SO. Michael is innocent, he is a victim of conspiracies, lies and extortion. Itís time the world woke up joined us in honoring him and giving him the justice he deserves. God is great, He is watching. Justice will prevail even if his haters donít like that. Nothing will stop us now, the wave will just keep getting bigger and bigger until we right the wrong.
posted by maria on Oct 19, 2010
MJ was inocent GET OVER IT!!!! Stop all the Bullshit
posted by Carole on Oct 19, 2010
When will this nonsense about Michael being a pedophile ever end. Obviously, SNAP have not bothered to research the matter and is using MJ's name to push their own agenda. Shame on them.
posted by Vana on Oct 19, 2010
What's really a slap in the face are all those priests who got away with molesting children. Go after them! Leave Michael Jackson alone. He molested no one. Peace!
posted by PJ on Oct 19, 2010
"Local Groups Upset Over Michael Jackson's Name Re-honored" ...Groups? Only one group is mentioned. Stop trying to make this story bigger than it really is.
posted by lillly sydney on Oct 19, 2010
The fact they still use Michaels name and the words charged with this horrible crime is just wrong. Not to mention others as they have in history riding on the name of Michael and something negative to get in the media and get other brands out there. All the great things Michael did for people all over the world I think he deserves to be remembered as a positive all be it special figure and awarded.
posted by paula on Oct 19, 2010
I have been so so disheartened by the human race for what they did to Michael, when his only crime was to love and care about children too much. Many were quick to decide he was guilty before proven innocent and even after he was proven innocent in a court of law some people like SNAP or whatever their name is are still at it. What is wrong with them???? Do some homework first and spend some time on research to get to know the beautiful person that Michael was. Until then just please keep your mouth shut!
posted by mike c on Oct 19, 2010
Its a shame that just being accused of something makes you guilty to some people. Get over yourselves SNAP
posted by Brandon on Oct 19, 2010
Transcript from the Michael Jackson/Chandler settlement press conference as taped from satellite on 1-26-94, unedited. *Larry Feldman's statement-Attorney for Plaintiff*: "We wish to jointly announce a mutual resolution of this lawsuit. As you are aware the plaintiff has alleged certain acts of impropriety by Mr. Jackson and from the inception of those allegations Mr. Jackson has always maintained his innocence. However the emotional trauma and strain on the respective parties have caused both parties to reflect on the wisdom of continuing with the litigation. The plaintiff has agreed that the lawsuit should be resolved and it will be dismissed in the near future. Mr. Jackson continues to maintain his innocence and withdraws any previous allegations of extortion. This will allow the parties to get on with their lives in a more positive and productive manner. Much of the suffering these parties have been put through has been caused by the publicity surrounding this case. We jointly request that members of the press allow the parties to close this chapter in their lives with dignity so that the healing process may begin." *Johnnie Cockran's statement-Attorney for Defendant [Michael Jackson]*: "In the past ten days the rumors and speculation surrounding this case have reached a fever pitch and by-and-large have been false and outrageous. As Mr. Feldman has correctly indicated Michael Jackson has maintained his innocence from the beginning of this matter and now, as this matter will soon be concluded, he still maintains that innocence. The resolution of this case is in no way an admission of guilt by Michael Jackson. In short, he is an innocent man who does not intend to have his career and his life destroyed by rumor and innuendo. Throughout this ordeal he has been subjected to an unprecedented media feeding frenzy; especially by the tabloid press. The tabloid press has shown an insatiable thirst for anything negative and have paid huge sums of money to people who have little or no information and who barely knew Michael Jackson. So today the time has come for Michael Jackson to move on to new business, to get on with his life, to start the healing process and to move his career forward to even greater heights. This he intends to do. At the appropriate time Michael Jackson will speak out publicly as to the agony, torture, and pain he has had to suffer during the past six months. Thank you very much. "
posted by fgreen on Oct 19, 2010
Just because the priests were allegedly pedophiles doesn't mean that Michael Jackson was. Try the priests in a court of law and determine their innocence/guilt. Michael was acquitted because there was more overwhelming evidence of his innocence and of him being a target of extortion by 2 sets of greedy families. Yes, the first case settled, actually against Michael's wishes (do your research) but he was tried and acquitted by a jury who could see through the lies of the accuser. Read "Redemption" by Geraldine Hughes and "Conspiracy" by Aphrodite Jones to get the side of the MJ cases that the media doesn't want you to see. Oh, and children do lie about sexual abuse... remember McMartin Preschool case? If not, Google it.
posted by CATHY on Oct 19, 2010
It's really sick how they are using a deceased man to promote their cause. Michael dedicated his life to saving children, this group should be ashamed of themselves! Why don't you do something useful and go after actual pedophiles!
posted by Toti on Oct 19, 2010
Aaah, come on SNAP is just using Michael Jackson to get awareness. It's really sad, that they use someone who devoted his whole life to make this world a better place, especially for the children. Who actually nows that Michael funded a whole research center for sexual violence against children? Who? Something the media don't like to talk about. And he did this from the end of the 80s on!
posted by brandygirl*MJ on Oct 19, 2010
I cannot believe that this is still going on! LEAVE MICHAEL ALONE! It is obvious that Gardner Street School realized their mistake. They did not do it because "time has passed and this would be a nice thing to do." SNAP, YOU apparently read into only what you want to believe. READ THE ACTUAL FACTS! All accusations have been proven FALSE. aLL OF THEM WERE LIEING AND IT WAS PROVEN SO! The people who wanted to ruin Michael's life, who said terrible things about him, had no life. They were all greedy and were leaches! NOTHING EVER HAPPENED! The attorneys proved it! Michael Jackson was a good man! All of the people who supported him, which includes all of his fans all over the world, will always be true to this man and nothing will ever change that! We loved him unconditionally. We loved him for who he was as a human being! Yes, we loved his music but it was his character, his love for others and the openness of his good heart that has kept all of us faithful to him. He gave so much of himself to the world and I cannot think of one person on this EARTH who has given so much and has suffered so much. His life was cut short by those who were greedy! He has brought more love into this world than anyone else on this planet. Who do you think you are, judging a person! Only GOD is the one who can judge. LEAVE HIM ALONE AND GET ON WITH YOUR OWN LIFE. YES, PLEASE GET A LIFE!
posted by MJFanJord on Oct 19, 2010
righht first of all is micheael a priest? ... no he's not last time i checked he was the most awsome person ever, also what the hell is wrong with you!? Grow up and let his good music and his good nature to children remain as tribute on the school!
posted by Connie Collins on Oct 19, 2010
Since SNAP is so upset by the slap to people being molested by pedophiles I suggest they prosecute their priests that have been found guilty of such behavior. Michael is not and never was a pedophile and he deserves respect. His work needs to be appreciated. I am glad his name was uncovered.RIP love ya MJ! Connie
posted by Love MJ on Oct 19, 2010
Dont they have REAL problems to deal with. Thousands of GUILTY priests still walking free. Thats what they should focus on. Or are they starting to abuse an innocent man. Shame on them.

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