Family of Murder Victim Portrayed in Hilary Swank's 'Conviction' Sues

Hilary Swank

The children of Katharina Brow hired a lawyer to sue the movie's bosses for not consulting them in the story and not putting the victim in better light.

The relatives of the murder victim portrayed in Hilary Swank's new movie "Conviction" are considering legal action over allegations they were not consulted about the real life story's journey to the big screen.

The new film is a Hollywood re-telling of the case of Kenneth Waters, who was jailed in 1983 for the murder of Katharina Brow, and released after 18 years when DNA evidence linking him to the killing was disproved.

The film stars Swank as Waters' sister fighting for her brother's freedom, but Brow's children are upset they were not consulted about the picture, according to They have hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred and are reportedly considering taking legal action against movie bosses.

Allred says, "The murder victim's children feel that no proper respect or compassion has been shown by Ms. Swank for the murder victim and her family."



    Oct 15, 2010

    I believe that there is absolutely no merit in an attempt to sue anyone concerning the making of this movie. Because the story is about an individual who was wrongfully accused and sent to prison. Producers, screen writers do not have to clear themselves or be approved. And although the Brow's family has indeed suffered a tragedy,and my heart goes out to them, but the story is centered on an individual who was wrongfully accused and jailed and how his sister went to law school to contest his incarceration. And she was right. If Allred takes this case, it shows, just what a media grabber she is. And who approached whom first, I wonder?

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