Heather Mills to Build Clinic in Haiti

October 14, 2010 03:15:15 GMT

The ex-wife of Paul McCartney is calling on skilled workers to help her create a center for amputees and children left orphaned by the quake.

Heather Mills
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Sir Paul McCartney's ex-wife Heather Mills is planning to build a clinic in Haiti to aid amputees and orphans following January's earthquake. Mills, who lost her left leg in a road accident in 1993, headed out to the country on a mercy mission earlier this year to assist victims of the disaster.

She's now calling on skilled workers to help her create a center for amputees and children left orphaned by the quake. In a series of posts on her page, Mills writes, "Haiti is a mess at the moment. Can't believe we live in a world with such cruelty. I have two kids (sic) who's families were killed, they were burnt alive, had two legs amputated and managed to stay alive, no parents."

"I'm trying to build a clinic for the orphans and amputees, any plumbers, electricians, builders fancy changing lives? (sic)."


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posted by Phoenix225 on May 13, 2011
So, tell me now... How about this clinic? Did it ever happen? No? Gee -- shocker! (NOT!) LOL
posted by bwh on Oct 17, 2010
Why don't you just agree to instead of criticizing! Im more than happy to help, I speak fluent creole, spent 5 weeks in Haiti after the earthquake and am more than happy to help if I can
posted by Jennifer on Oct 14, 2010
A tweet from a known liar. Journalism at its finest.
posted by Marie on Oct 14, 2010
She talks a lot, but this will never happen. Why wouldn't she just donate to an existing charity that already is working in the ocuntry?
posted by pam on Oct 14, 2010
Can't wait for someone to actually call her willing to help and she tells them she'll 'get back' to them, which will never happen. She'll stop at nothing to get her name in the press.
posted by tede on Oct 14, 2010
Marie, because she only wants the sound bite. donating to a charity without her name on it, doesn't get her glory. She's made many promises, hardly ever follows thru. She told Larry King, if she divorces Paul, she wouldn't take any money. That didn't happen either

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