'Transformers 3' Producers Cleared Over Gabriela Cedillo's Stunt Accident

After undoing an investigation, officials say that producers did all they could to make the set as safe as possible and they won't face any further action.

Producers behind the new "Transformers" movie, "Transformers 3", have been cleared by officials over a stunt which left an extra in critical condition - safety regulators have ruled all necessary precautions were taken prior to the accident. Gabriela Cedillo, 24, was airlifted to hospital in Indiana last month after a cable holding a car on the set of Michael Bay's third robot film snapped and sliced open her skull.

She reportedly suffered brain damage and has been left paralyzed down one side of her body, while her family is taking legal action against movie bosses over the tragic incident. Officials at the Indiana Occupation Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA) launched an investigation into the incident and have now concluded that producers did all they could to make the set as safe as possible and they won't face any further action.

A representative for the IOSHA tells TMZ.com, "(The accident occurred) due to the failure of a weld connecting a car to a cable. The weld was made by a certified welder and all necessary safety precautions were in place. No citations or fines will be issued. This was an unfortunate and unforeseeable accident."

The shoot was brought to a halt again on Monday, October 11 following another onset accident when a police vehicle crashed into the film's iconic yellow 'Bumblebee' car. The set in Washington, D.C. was closed pending a review of safety procedures, and production resumed on Tuesday.

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    Nov 12, 2010

    If the IOSHA did a full investigation then why didn't they interview any of the extras that witnessed the incident to get a fuller view of what really happened?

    Nov 12, 2010

    I don't believe they took all proper precautions. I was also an extra on the set and I was never told that we would be involved in any sort of "super stunt". For all I knew we were background for a speaking scene. Never did I think that we would be that close to danger. We were all supposed to have walkie-talkies, they ran out and I never received one, so the only communication I had was watching to see what others were doing and following. Also it was a six lane highway that was used in the scene and extras were driving in the lane closest to oncoming traffic (where the stunt was being held). The only barrier was the cement median in which the car almost flipped over and the cable clear whipped across into Gabriel's car. Debris flew at multiple vehicles. Never did any authority try to get us out of the way. Never did the extras know that there was to be an explosion and a high speed multi car crash. Never did any authority tell us what really happened. To note, they continued to film through and after the incident to conclude the shot. I can't believe these people were able to get out repercussions. Did they pay their way out? Gabriel is paralyzed.

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