Whoopi Goldberg Got Panic Attack at Stand-Up Show

Whoopi Goldberg

'I came out and I was dancing, I was ready and then I had a (panic attack) and I couldn't get myself together,' the actress shares the incident happening before her performance in New Jersey.

Comedienne Whoopi Goldberg almost cut short her stand-up show in New Jersey on Saturday, October 9 after suffering a panic attack moments into her set. The "Ghost" star performed at Atlantic City's Tropicana Casino last weekend, but found herself starting to hyperventilate for no reason when the time came for her to step onstage.

Recalling the incident on her U.S. daytime chat show "The View" on Tuesday, October 12, she explained, "I worked in Atlantic City. I came out and I was dancing, I was ready and then I had a (panic attack) and I couldn't get myself together. I thought, 'Oh God, 84 more minutes, I have to be on stage for 84 more minutes.' I don't know what happened. I had to keep talking because I thought, 'I'm gonna lay down'."

Goldberg is convinced the sudden attack of nerves is linked to the death of her mother in August this year, because she's still coping with the grief. She said, "For me, it feels like it's been years and years (since the death) and everytime I get a call (to offer condolences) it does take me back."

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    Oct 26, 2010

    I wish Whoopi would allow herself to grieve without apologizing. My goodness..late August was a few months ago. It's insane how people try and rush the grieving process. When you do..it morphs into something else like wanting to lie down in the middle of a performance and other odd behaviors surface. Also, remember grief isn't always linear..it can be concentric for many. Take one day at a time.

    Oct 16, 2010

    I'm sure this panic attack is why she walked out during THE VIEW. Once a person gets them, any stress can trigger that feeling of rising pressure and surreal vision. She had to walk out to avoid another one.

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