George Clooney's Rep Dismisses Brad Pitt Pranks Reports

George Clooney

Although he likes to play pranks, the latest rumor that says he ordered someone to paint Pitt's car orange is simply false.

A representative for George Clooney has laughed off reports about the actor's latest prank war with his pal Brad Pitt - insisting stories of car-painting and pepper spray simply aren't true. The Oscar-winner is a well-known practical joker and often targets his friends, including his "Ocean's Eleven" co-star Pitt.

Stories of the pair's latest high jinx appeared in the latest issue of Life & Style magazine, which claimed Clooney had paid to have Pitt's car painted orange and covered in pepper spray, while the magazine also reported the actors had been winding each other up by sending male escorts to one another's hotel rooms.

But a rep for Clooney insists the practical jokes never happened, telling Gossip Cop "not one of those pranks is true."



    georges best
    Oct 03, 2010

    You beat me to it, the best prank george played on brad was the day george said, " brad meet angelina" best prank of all time.

    Oct 01, 2010

    Brad loves georges attempts at being a prankster. The biggest prank of all time however, was played on brad about 5 years ago. A beautiful woman told him she would have his children all he had to do was destroy his wife. So he destroyed his innocent wife and put a innocent baby inside this woman. As soon as he did that, the woman turned into a , evil dragon. That was so funny. That was a good prank.

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