Former Manager Demanding Money Michael Jackson Owed Him

Michael Jackson

Dr. Tohme Tohme who claimed he saved Jackson's Neverland ranch from being taken away from him is filing papers to look at the late singer's financial documents.

Michael Jackson's one-time manager and adviser Dr. Tohme Tohme has filed legal papers demanding to see the late star's financial records to aid his creditor's claim. Tohme alleges he is owed millions of dollars from Jackson's estate after organizing a deal to save the late "Thriller" hitmaker from financial ruin.

He insists he persuaded bosses at Colony Capital LLC to hand over $23 million to save Jackson's Neverland ranch - but he was never rewarded for his efforts. Tohme, who is demanding the $2.3 million Jackson allegedly promised him, is now stepping up his bid by asking for the singer's financial documents be made public.

On Tuesday, September 28, Tohme's lawyers filed papers arguing he and other creditors should have access to a report that was filed by Jackson's estate administrators last week, which details the singer's finances. Tohme is requesting to see revenue, expense and profit information that is not publicly available, reports the Associated Press.



    Oct 01, 2010

    Is this guy for real? Give me a freakin break. Dr. Quack! I hope you don't get anything ever from MJ's estate. If anything, I hope the family goes after you just like Dr. Murray when this case finally gets to the courtroom. I'm with K.M.Harte, eat my dirt!

    Oct 01, 2010

    I'll second klk's comment. Dr. whatever, Tohme, loser, eat my dirt!

    Sep 29, 2010

    Your one of the creeps who helped to suck his money away! You don't deserve another cent and you are one of the reasons he is no longer with us! Michael's financial records are private and should not be made public knowlege!! Go jump in a lake or better yet, go play in traffic with moving cars! Go crawl back in whatever hole you crawled out of and stay there!! Justice4michael! Love you more!

    Sep 29, 2010

    Are you for real, you are one of the reasons Michael is dead!!!!!!!!! Go to hell.

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