Hayley Williams Disgusted by a Fan's Kiss on Stage

September 22, 2010 03:54:43 GMT

She complained to one of the boys she invited on stage, saying 'never kiss a girl unless she says she wants you to, alright.'

Hayley Williams
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Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams "freaked out" during a concert in Arizona last Wednesday, September 15 after a male fan she invited on stage kissed her without permission. The singer allowed three devotees to get up on stage at the band's gig in Pheonix, but Williams was taken by surprise when one of the boys leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek.

Williams retreated to the other side of the stage, telling the audience, "Oh my God he just kissed me. Urgh! Don't kiss me, I will kick you off the stage. That's disgusting! Boys! Hey boys out there, never kiss a girl unless she says she wants you to, alright."

She then jokingly chased the perpetrator and shooed him to the side of the stage, adding, "Why would I want to kiss you? That's disgusting, get off the stage. Go go go. I love you and everything but you are just freaking me out."


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posted by My Real Name Is Real on May 09, 2012
I can understand her reaction, but it was much too harsh. The boy would've been humiliated. Don't call her a bitch, sure she could have just said; "Please don't kiss me" or a simple "don't kiss me." but that was fairly harsh.
posted by IHATEHER on Dec 11, 2011
I understand not wanting someone to be that close to you, but she was extremely childish (just as childish as her style) about it. It was extremely impolite and horrible to embarrass that man like that. Not cool. She's NOT cool...
posted by hi on May 07, 2011
posted by christy on Mar 06, 2011
She's turned into such a nasty bitch...I used to like Paramore, but now the Farro brothers are way. Plus, In The Mourning sucks.
posted by J on Feb 08, 2011
"The singer ALLOWED three devotees to get up on stage at the band's gig" WTF. she allowed them, therefore she must be ready for some kissing and stuffs fans normally do. what a bitch.
posted by Jake on Feb 07, 2011
What a bitch. If it weren't for all the fans, she wouldn't even be famous or rich.
posted by red on Oct 07, 2010
hey!! never call her a bitch!! the guy that kissed her IS A TOTAL ASSHOLE!!! what if that guy has some disease or something? would you like to be kissed by a guy with herpes? i dont think so!!!
posted by phonikal on Sep 29, 2010
wow i could really use a wish right now
posted by matty on Sep 28, 2010
Hayley williams is cool. I mean I understand where she's coming from. Some random person kissing you, they could be sick. Who knows. They could have done anything. Having some random person kiss you is weird.
posted by cm on Sep 28, 2010
wow! shes mean!
posted by Quinn on Sep 23, 2010
Wow, just wow. She's a total bitch.
posted by tom on Sep 22, 2010
what a bitch

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