T.I. Given Chance to Argue Why He Shouldn't Go to Jail

September 17, 2010 09:35:19 GMT

A federal judge is summoning the rapper who was busted for cannabis smoking while driving with his wife.

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Rapper T.I. will have to explain why he should remain a free man following his arrest earlier this month - he has been summoned to attend court in Atlanta, Georgia. The 29-year-old rapper and his wife, former Xscape singer Tameka Cottle, were taken into custody in West Hollywood after a sheriff's deputy allegedly smelled cannabis smoke coming from their vehicle during a traffic stop. They were booked for felony possession of a controlled substance and bailed.

On Thursday, September 16 a federal judge signed a summons for the hip-hop star - real name Clifford Harris Jr. - to appear in court to argue why he should not be sent to jail. He is currently on probation following his release from prison in December on gun charges. According to, the star's probation officer has also signed the summons, and lists three possible violations, including drugs possession, testing positive for opiates and association with a felon. There is no set date for the hearing.


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posted by LadyChampion on Oct 23, 2010
We all fall short the glory of God; none of us are exempt from that! Tip made a mistake; lets not make it bigger than what it is. His actions does not mean that the messages that he spoke to those children while serving his community service were not sincere. I dont believe that he was only speaking to them to get a lighter sentenced or to look innocent. If you listen to his song "Prayin for help", you would see that. I believe that his message to children was simply not to make the same mistakes he had made in his life. I never once remember him saying that he was a perfect man, but I do believe that he has made steps to become a better man. Tip just simply relasped into his old patterns; we all have done this. Tip I wish you well; you and your family are in my prayers. God will watch over you; don't ever give up on changing your life around. You will overcome this sweetheart.
posted by blackgale2004 on Oct 02, 2010
"TEE"u and TINY " test drugs ,u wit a felon ! Why shouldn't u go bac? Maybe u need a realty ck.!

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