Brad Pitt Abandons Broken Motorbike in Los Angeles

September 16, 2010 03:50:38 GMT

As he failed to figure out what caused the motorcycle come to an abrupt halt, the actor left it on the street on Tuesday, September 14.

Brad Pitt
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Brad Pitt was forced to abandon his vintage motorbike on a busy Hollywood street on Tuesday, September 14 after the vehicle broke down. The actor was riding his classic motorcycle through Los Angeles but came to an abrupt halt during the journey.

He failed to figure out the cause of the problem so called his car driver for advice - but the assistant was also unable to diagnose the fault. So Pitt decided to drive home in his car, leaving his loyal employee to wait with the motorcycle until help arrived, according to Britain's Daily Mail.

It is the latest in a long line of bike problems for Pitt - one of his rides broke down in July last year, and in October 2009 he was involved in a crash in L.A.


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posted by remember on Oct 04, 2010
Brad pitt abandons brokenhearted wife in los angelas
posted by Cox on Oct 01, 2010
Chinnifer Manfaceton's fan here. Shut up!
posted by Tammy on Oct 01, 2010
Internet gossipers are negatives. Nothing ZERO
posted by bore on Oct 01, 2010
posted by belinda danover on Sep 29, 2010
Brad said something very strange in an interview a long time ago. I think it tells you how fake and phony it all is. It was the night of the 2009 oscars , a red carpet interview. Angelina had on strapless black with huge green earrings(envyanyone?) anywho . When asked about the children, angie somehow mentioned their big bed . They said the kids were at home. The interviewer asked if there would be food flung on the walls when they got home? Brad answered quote "we hope so" . That is a ridiculous fake phony answer. Does he think we are so stupid to believe that? A more believable answer would have been "there better not be" thats what a real dad would have said. I doubt brad was raised in a place that allowed children to fling food on the walls. This game is coming to an end. It is becoming harder and harder to take these 2 seriously. Take your money and go away.
posted by sick of pitt on Sep 29, 2010
This guy needs to get off my tv get off my magazine is there noone else in hollywood?? Only these 2 people making movies? Pitt and his questionable "wife" need to go away far far away. And stay there.
posted by count on Sep 29, 2010
At every event he goes to, i bet he counts the people he knows have banged his wife.
posted by truth on Sep 29, 2010
Hes already riding a bicycle ,straight to hell. A town bicycle that everybody in hollywood has already ridden. And after everybody in hollywood cummed in her, brad pitt has kids with her. Nice choice dude!
posted by i love jilly!!! on Sep 29, 2010
He looked so funny on that video. His legs were flailing about. His star power got it removed . How lame is that. This man should not be riding a motorcycle. A bicycle maybe.
posted by lanalei on Sep 23, 2010
Brad is so disgusting now i used to love him but now with angie they are both gross. He should give her a ride on the motorcycle and crash it so they both die. Then maybe their kids can be put up for adoption and given to real parents.
posted by james on Sep 23, 2010
Brad looks like a idiot on a motorcycle. He does not know how to handle the powerful bikes he rides. He is going to end up dead or confined to a hospital bed with only evil angelina to take care of him. Good luck with that because she is never home. She doesnt take care of her kids and she wont take care of brad. If i left my beautiful wife to go basterd collecting with a crazy woman , the last thing i would do is cripple myself on a way too powerful bike. Hey brad , word of advice, stick to go carts, their more your style. can i have jennifers number???
posted by dirty birdie on Sep 23, 2010
Yeah angelina will take care of him cathy bates misery style. Hahaha
posted by flashback on Sep 22, 2010
posted by dbr on Sep 20, 2010
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