Robert De Niro Sued for Improper Firing

Robert De Niro

His former estate manager Michael Thompson claimed he was promised a lengthy period of employment in 2007 before he was fired after only two years.

Robert De Niro has been hit with a lawsuit for wrongful dismissal from the former manager of his New York estate. Michael Thompson has filed suit in Manhattan federal court, claiming De Niro promised him a "lengthy period of employment" before he took on the job in November 2007.

According to court documents obtained by the New York Post, Thompson claims he was fired after two years after one of De Niro's employees spread false allegations about him throughout the "domestic estate-management field", accusing him of missing shifts and taking bribes from vendors, costing him other work.

Members of the trust company that owns De Niro's 235-acre Ulster County estate in upstate New York have also been named in the suit, alleging breach of contract and defamation. Thompson is seeking unspecified damages in the case.



    Oct 02, 2010


    the real truth
    Sep 17, 2010

    The real point about this case is that De Niro's staff manager "Peter Lambert" is falsely accusing and making false allegations publicly about the reputation, work ethics and integrity of De Niro’s former estate manager “Thompson”. As a former colleague of Thompson, he is one of the top estate managers in this field. He exhibits an outstanding track record, upholding an excellent reputation, strong work ethics and superb integrity. He is one of the few in this business who is highly sought after and very well thought of by celebrity families, senior executives, and high profile professionals based on his excellent character and resume.

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