Nicole Scherzinger: Derek Hough Is Not Gay

September 03, 2010 08:21:17 GMT

Befriending the 'Dancing with the Stars' pro dancer, Scherzinger dismisses rumors that Hough is secretly gay by saying 'he likes the ladies'.

Nicole Scherzinger: Derek Hough Is Not Gay
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Nicole Scherzinger has blasted rumors her former "Dancing with the Stars" partner Derek Hough is secretly gay - insisting his romances with Shanon Elizabeth and Cheryl Cole are for real.

Hough fell victim to the Hollywood rumor mill during his high-profile romance with Elizabeth and then again when he began stepping out with Cole soon after her split from soccer star Ashley Cole. Gossips suggested the relationships were staged and that Hough is really gay.

But Scherzinger, who waltzed all the way to the season ten title of "Dancing with the Stars" champion, insists her quick-footed friend is only interested in girls. She says, "He likes the ladies. He went out with Shannon Elizabeth."


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posted by Augustman on Jul 27, 2013
He moves his hips in a very masculine way....what are you talking about, What....errrrrr.....Willis?
posted by Chuck on Nov 21, 2011
tpolito, "Way too hot to be gay?" Oh my ever-loving Christ, go introduce your face to the nearest wall, you shallow, backwards bigot.
posted by chpman on Mar 15, 2011
i believe some may WISH Derek was gay, doesn't make it so!
posted by tpolito on Dec 20, 2010
he is not gay. he is way too hot to be gay. where is all of the proof?
posted by eva k. on Nov 23, 2010
derek hough is gay. where there's smoke there is always fire. the producer's of DWTS want to create sexual chemistry with the "stars" and their dance partners. for that reason alone none of the male dancers would ever come out as "gay".
posted by what on Sep 21, 2010
definitely gay. look at how he moves his hips...what straight man could or would do that?

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