Chris Robinson Attacks Taylor Swift, Calling Her 'Horrible'

September 01, 2010 07:36:41 GMT

Despising people who claim Taylor Swift talented, Chris Robinson says, 'She might be cute, but she's horrible.'

Chris Robinson Attacks Taylor Swift, Calling Her 'Horrible'
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Grumpy rocker Chris Robinson has become the latest star to attack country sweetheart Taylor Swift - almost a year after Kanye West ruined her big night at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards by protesting her first-ever win at the event. Unprovoked, The Black Crowes frontman has taken issue with Swift over claims she's one of the most talented singers in the industry today. He's not a fan.

Robinson tells Nylon Guys magazine, "I find it embarrassing that adults are like, 'Taylor Swift is very talented.' She's not. She might be cute, but she's horrible." The rocker insists there are very few modern artists he enjoys listening to - because most acts are little more than products of a computer.

He explains, "They have stylists who dress them, they make records with producers who play a chord into the computer and it all comes out the same... When you have computers doing it all for you... there's no individuality. Singing isn't always about being on key; it's about emotionality (sic)."


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posted by Lily on Dec 11, 2010
Robinson certaily can not sing either
posted by bluesky on Dec 11, 2010
Chris robonson is jealous cos he is an old HAS BEEN..CHRIS ROBISON IS LONG FORGOTTEN,,,ASSHOLE.OH and for the record I am not a Taylor SWift fan but this asshloe Robinson slamming her is bitter...go away Robinson..oh thats right you atre already fordotten
posted by Black Crowe on Sep 10, 2010
I believe he is referring to the fact that she writes music that many middle-schoolers could write. She's a hack on the guitar and not a very good singer either. She does not write her own music. She is surrounded by a team of songwriters who hold her hand thru the process.
posted by lvnatashab on Sep 05, 2010
She writes all of her own music! If thats not emotionality what is it? I think his comment is based more so on the fact that Taylor isn't his genre of music than that she is lacking talent....
posted by nnyed on Sep 01, 2010
He's right. Though she is not the worst of the lot, you seriously can't compare her to the geniuses in music who never get recognition.
posted by taylormine14 on Sep 01, 2010
what the ... ? she's not horrible!! she's amazing :)
posted by yottr1s on Sep 01, 2010
duh!! you just need to be a headliner to be a famous one.. boo Chris Robinson haha.. this might be the reason of your dying to the loser's spot..
posted by miyoee11e on Sep 01, 2010
if she was the worst? how about miley cyrus, justin bieber and lady gaga? they sucks?
posted by tmj on Sep 01, 2010
whats wrong w/ u every1 is a fan of taylor swift but u but i wonder y maybe cause ur a jerk i kno ur speaking ur mind but come on taylor swift is the best u've got and u say taylor swift is horrible when no 1 kno's who u even r

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