Lionel Richie Fears Lindsay Lohan Would End Up Like Michael Jackson

Lionel Richie Fears Lindsay Lohan Would End Up Like Michael Jackson

The veteran singer thinks the troubled actress needs 'to change her circle of friends,' adding that his daughter Nicole Richie did the same thing.

Lionel Richie has warned Lindsay Lohan to leave her Hollywood pals behind for good - before their partying lifestyle kills her. The "Hello" hitmaker considers Lohan "family" because she was so close to his daughter Nicole when they were growing up.

He admits it's hard for him to see the "Mean Girls" actress' life going off the rails - and he is adamant she needs to ditch her "circle of friends" before she ends up dead like his close pal Michael Jackson. Richie tells Britain's OK! magazine, "When you're famous, your day is like: 'Oh my God, that's wonderful!'... 'What did you do last night, Lionel?' 'Well I turned over two tables in a bar and I threw a bottle at the wall.' 'That's okay, Mr Richie.' After a while you start realizing, if I can get away with everything, when is enough enough? It can make you nuts, more importantly it can kill you."

"Look at Michael Jackson. How many people get Propofol? But if you're big enough you can get your hands on just about everything... Lindsay needs to change her circle of friends. Nicole is there for her. Nicole had to get away from that crowd to get better."




    Sep 28, 2010

    This is sick. Lionel wants to boost his failing career by thrashing MJ. MJ was a lot of things but he wasn't a Judas. He didn't betray ppl. And ps. Lionel MJ's kids are being screwed over by their so-called family. MJ was an awesome parent!

    Sep 08, 2010

    Both Nicole Richie and Linsay Lohan are two crack head h#s

    Sep 08, 2010

    How dare you Lionel Richie, why dont you ensure that your cocaine addicted daughter is on the right path instead of minding MJ's business. MJ was not a crack head like your daughter. Neither was he a drug addict. Everything MJ did he did on the advice of medical doctors. Unfortunately some of these doctors like Dr Klein were sleazy freaks who would do anything for money. I am convinced tht Dr Klein got MJ addicted to pain medication instead of recommending natural methods to him that would have healed him albeit slowly. Anyone who has lupus and vitiligo can tell you the pain both physical and emotional that person goes through, and it is extremely painful for lupus patients. You claimed to be a friend but you have proven that you are not. Do you remember when you yourself were fighting addictions Richie? Even so since you thought that MJ was such a drug addict you claimed to be a friend then why did you not get off your laurels and try to intervene "as a friedn", he might have listened to you. But dont tell me you did nothing because you were never the friend you tried to tell his fans you were. I despise you Richie

    Sep 08, 2010

    cirisimo you are so right. As I said before the only "true" freinds MJ had were his fans, all of the other leeches befriended him for their ulterior motive. Let Lionel mind his cocaine addicted daughter and stop minding MJ's business. MJ eas NOT a drug addict, medical personnel who know how certain medications work will tell you that MJ was in constant pain and took medications RECOMMENDED by doctors to ease his pain. His only problem is that he kept all these things to himself i am sure that had he open up to his fans that he would have gotten the support and love that he needed then and there and he would not have felt so all alone. I have never bought any of Lionel's records and never will. He wanted his name up front when MJ died for his own personal gain. How low can you get Lionel, pretending to be MJ's friend and then jumping on the first band wagon of MJ haters that come along. What about all the good things that MJ did all of his life. You disgust me Lionel Richie

    Sep 01, 2010

    Lionel Ritchie is becoming another example of how people that call themselves his "friends" don't hesitate to betray him even in death. Yesterday in the news was the quote from Lionel that basically says MJ's kids are better off with him dead and today discussing MJ's alleged drug use. Lionel, you are a HUGE disappointment! I thought you were better than that.

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