Brian McFadden Blasts Delta Airline for Being Rude and Careless

Brian McFadden

The singer tweeted that the seats are so small and they lost his luggage on the return flight from New York to Los Angeles.

Irish singer Brian McFadden has blasted an American airline in a series of furious 'tweets' after his luggage was lost on a recent flight. The former Westlife star was traveling from Los Angeles to New York on Delta Airlines this week and was less than impressed with the small plane he boarded.

He took to his page to complain, ranting: "Sitting in the smallest seat ever on an airplane. My knees are up to my chin! Feel claustrophobic. This plane stinks of wee. Think I'll get the train next time. At least you can stick your head out the window. Let me off this poxy plane."

And McFadden was even angrier following his return flight - after Delta employees misplaced his baggage. He tweeted: "It's official. The Delta airlines flight back was worse. The rudest check-in staff on the planet hands down and dumb. F**k you Delta Airlines. very moment of this flight from checking in to baggage claim was below par! Stupid f**king Delta Airlines lost my luggage!"

"I would rather walk than ever travel Delta Airlines again. If you work for them and you are nice quit now before you get dragged down by the majority of rude staff. SO MAD."



    Sep 28, 2010

    well what can i!

    Delta employee
    Aug 29, 2010

    Silly people, fly FIRST CLASS, news flash the seats are bigger. As for luggage try checking in early! fools the bags need to go through TSA first, if you pack stupid things in your bags they have to SEARCH it! Take responsibility for your actions before you blame others. I'm sure your incompetent at your job too, if you think other people are at theirs.

    who cares who
    Aug 27, 2010

    Silly Brian, someone should have told him that Delta stands for D-don't E-expect L-luggage T-to A-arrive.

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