Angelina Jolie's Kids Play With Fake Blood

Angelina Jolie

The star would take her children to the set of 'Salt' and allow them to have fun with the red liquid used for injuries scene.

Angelina Jolie let her kids play with fake blood on the set of her new movie "Salt". The Hollywood actress steps into the role of a secret agent in the action thriller, and the film's daring stunts meant the film crew kept large supplies of red liquid on location to simulate injuries.

And Jolie admits when her young children, with partner Brad Pitt, visited the movie set they loved getting messy in all the fake blood. Speaking at the London premiere of "Salt", she says, "I would bring them in early in the mornings... and I'd let them (play with the) blood. So we play together, they try on my wigs, they play with the blood... They know it's all silly! They test the harnesses and we have them flying around. They know what it is."

Jolie has since moved to Paris, France to promote "Salt". She wore a low cut Pamella Roland dress and satin Salvatore Ferragamo heels to the event.




    ewwww gross ewww
    Sep 05, 2010

    Areyou sure its fake???its probably dog blood they all have hepititis now good job picking a mom bradley jerk pitt

    wow i read it all
    Sep 02, 2010

    I cant believe i read that whole post. Anyway my past is this. The kids play with fake blood now. And when they get older angelina jolie will give them the vials of real blood from billie bob. She has been saving them. Like family heirlooms. Grody. Somebody call child protective services. Quick

    Aug 25, 2010

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