Refusing to Lose to Jet Li, Jean-Claude Van Damme Turned Down 'The Expendables' Offer

Refusing to Lose to Jet Li, Jean-Claude Van Damme Turned Down 'The Expendables' Offer

Sylvester Stallone reveals that he first set Van Damme in the all-star action film but the 'Universal Soldier' star refused the offer because he didn't want to lose to Jet Li.

Jean-Claude Van Damme refused to appear in Sylvester Stallone's all-star action film "The Expendables", because he would have to lose a fight to Jet Li. Stallone corralled a hitlist of Hollywood hard men to appear in the film, but "Universal Soldier" star Van Damme turned him down, because the Belgian martial arts expert failed to get the movie's satirical undertones.

Stallone tells Britain's Sunday Times, "I wanted to set Jean-Claude against Jet Li, but he didn't want to lose to Jet. He didn't think that was cool. But that's why it would be cool; to have Jean-Claude beaten by the other man. Hey, they could have a rematch. But Steven Seagal and Van Damme, they weren't really into our gallows humor."

Van Damme may well be regretting his decision to star alongside Stallone, Jason Statham, Li, Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke in "The Expendables" - the movie shot to number one in America at the weekend, August 15.


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    Jun 05, 2012

    A fight scene can be done in which they both use their signature strikes which hurt each other. The match up can be end in a draw.

    Aug 20, 2010

    Jean is supposed to be in dis great movie why wil he turn down the offer of the expendables.

    Aug 17, 2010

    hey van damme don't accept to lose in the face of jet li cause you are the number one fighter, who likes kickin' people ass in a movie

    Aug 17, 2010

    Jean Claude Van Damme is a sore loser. He is an actor, who cares if he lost against Jet Li? They are both good actors and great fighters, have you heard of the greater good, Jean?

    Aug 17, 2010

    It would of been better, if they offered it to him with the chance to kick the shit out of Dolph Lundgren. Cause they had Universal Soldiers together

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