Wife of Fantasia Barrino's Married Lover Threatens to Sue Her

Fantasia Barrino

According to the star's lawyer, Gena Morris, the wife of Barrino's lover, has threatened to sue the singer for alienation of affection.

R&B singer Fantasia Barrino has been threatened with a lawsuit from the woman who has accused the star of breaking up her marriage. The former "American Idol" winner was hospitalized for a drug overdose on Monday, August 9 after she became entangled in divorce proceedings between North Carolina couple Antwuan Cook and his estranged wife Paula.

Barrino was released from Carolinas Medical Center-Pineville in North Carolina on Wednesday, August 11 and her manager, Brian Dickens, assured fans she was already on the path to recovery. But her personal woes could soon become legal ones - Paula's attorneys have warned Barrino's legal rep she could be hauled into court under a state law which allows a party to sue a "home wrecker" for alienation of affection and criminal conversation, reports People.

The singer's lawyer, Gena Morris, says, "(Paula Cook) has threatened via her lawyers to me to sue Fantasia. (The law is) a comical irony because they arrive out of laws when women were property of men."

However, Morris has called into question the legitimacy of Paula's allegation because the former couple has listed differing split dates. In her court filing, Paula claims she separated from her husband on June 16, while Cook insists their marriage broke down in summer 2009, before he met Barrino.

Morris adds, "If there is a relationship with a married person after they are separated, there is no cause of action for alienation." Barrino has admitted to dating Cook "off and on for 11 months", under the assumption he was separated from his spouse.

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    tweety boo
    Aug 25, 2010

    wat is wrong wit.i look up 2 n u gon wit a married man but i still look up 2 u

    Aug 23, 2010

    Girl you are a child of god, everyone has made a mistake. Pick up the peices and continue to do the right thing.....GOD Bless you and your journey in life.

    Big fan
    Aug 20, 2010

    All is to be at fault....Yes, fantasia you are on a different level now in your life! Its okay to want love but you have to find it in the right place.. s fans dont knoe but what we see and hear but from the looks of it its not anything good for you. It may be hard but the best thang to do is walk away fronm that love......You need a better support team behind you! You are a amazing singer but the media shows ur life as hell! Lisen to ur heart but do whats best for ur daughter and do the right thang even if u have to hurt sometimes, be loley sometimes, or cry sometimes....God has ur back and so do I> Continue to feel better and do better :)

    Aug 16, 2010

    I believe this was a set up from the beginning from the husband and wife to get money from the beautiful Fantasia.

    Aug 16, 2010

    this woman is lookin' for sum1 to blame for her marriage.it aint fantasia fault she fell in love with a married man.

    Aug 16, 2010

    The wife is no fool..from my own experience with a married man i can say this:It is not worth the trouble and it really does hurt the family as a whole,when i saw how beautiful and nice of a perso nin his wife,his two beautiful kids i knew at that moment that the man she knew as her husband was a lying,heartless ,selfishl man who didnt care about nobody but himself,he didnt give a damn about me..because in the end he went back to his family and that was the right thing to do..fantasia is a fool..a fool for love..there are too many men out there then to get caught up with a married man..hopefully she will learn from this..

    Aug 15, 2010

    That wife is a fool, she needs to pick this up with her husband please woman get real Fantasia is not all in the wrong here, by the way I guess if you were doing your home work this would of never happen

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