Paris Hilton Likes to Go Fishing and Hunting for Frogs

July 29, 2010 07:48:04 GMT

Despite her glamorous persona, Paris Hilton insists she is a 'tomboy' who is most at home roughing it at farms or shooting hoops.

Paris Hilton
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Paris Hilton has everyone fooled with her glamorous persona - she is really a "tomboy" who likes to play sports and hunt for frogs. The socialite is famed for her extravagant taste and jet-setting lifestyle, and has recently been living it up in St. Tropez, France at a series of luxury yacht parties.

But the reality TV star insists there is a more down-to-earth side to her that the public doesn't see, admitting she's most at home roughing it at farms or shooting hoops. She tells Britain's Heat magazine, "I'm actually a real tomboy. A lot of people only see me on the runway, or at parties, or on the red carpet. I'm usually at a pet store or at my ranch or a farm. And I like to go fishing and I like to go look at frogs - like, I'm really random like that."

"I think people don't realize I'm a little kid at heart. If people don't know me, they don't realize I'm very childlike. My favorite thing is to be out doing sports. I like playing ice hockey or going windsurfing. I like playing basketball. I'm just like a tomboy at heart and I think a lot of people don't know that."


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posted by TheExpert on Sep 22, 2011
She's hot. She likes animals. She does this and she does that. Peta can blow themselves cause even animal rights activists eat animals if u get close u would know
posted by Lee on Jul 30, 2010
Stay out of pet stores you idiot!
posted by Laurie on Jul 29, 2010
There is a difference between being childlike and just childish. We love Paris because of her childlike quality to appreciate the good things in life and to live her life to the fullest, even though she is a successful business woman now.
posted by Diane on Jul 29, 2010
Paris only wears fake fur. But Peta is bcoming hated because of their rude terroristic tactics. Support no-kill shelters instead.
posted by Carrie on Jul 29, 2010
I think Paris mostly wears Louboutins plus the shoes from her own collection. But she also does casual and wears sweats without makeup.
posted by Vegas gal on Jul 29, 2010
The Hiltons own a huge ranch outside of Las Vegas. Paris seems to have a good balance in her life between glitz and regular activities. I love her.
posted by Adam on Jul 29, 2010
Great pix of Paris jumping fearlessly into the ocean off her yacht!
posted by G on Jul 29, 2010
Paris is very sporty. I like the way she handles the wave runners on the ocean and she also waterskis.
posted by Janna on Jul 29, 2010
Paris got an award from the SPCA for helping with animal causes. She is very sweet. Her own animals get wonderful care. Not all pet stores use puppy mills and PETA is becoming discredited.
posted by jaienrik on Jul 29, 2010
the world is fast
posted by Javier on Jul 29, 2010
:))) <3
posted by Javier on Jul 29, 2010
:))) <3
posted by Becca on Jul 29, 2010
I heard that too about pet stores. that they get the animals from puppy mills and kitten mills. If she truly loved animals, she should work to get those companies out of business. She should use her name for a good cause.
posted by Lizzie on Jul 29, 2010
Paris does not rough it up at farms. I saw her on the Simple Life. She wore designer clothes and heels. She is soooo not farm material.
posted by Blingstar on Jul 29, 2010
I can't imagine Paris Hilton shooting hoops. Does she wear her Manolo's while during it?
posted by Taylor on Jul 29, 2010
No kidding. PETA called Paris an airhead because she claims to be an animal lover, yet wears real fur. Have you seen the videos on PETA's website? After watching those videos, I will never wear fur again.
posted by Kaylee on Jul 29, 2010
sports are lame
posted by Sandy on Jul 29, 2010
Pet stores are evil. No true animal lover would ever make a purchase from there because pet stores keep puppy mills and kitten mills in business. They support the breeding and overbreeding of puppies and kittens for money. A true animal lover would never support those businesses. Then again, Paris is not a true animal lover anyway because she wears real fur.
posted by ParisFan on Jul 29, 2010
Favorite thing is to be out doing sports??? What a loser. Paris is losing her status.
posted by jaienrik on Jul 29, 2010
who is your wife and who is your husband every people Paris and Him mentally
posted by Rui de Castro on Jul 29, 2010
OK, no URL's Just to say we love Paris!! Mwah! Rui from the community at Paris Hilton
posted by barenboos on Jul 29, 2010 more than 15000 pixx Paris Hilton
posted by Rui de Castro on Jul 29, 2010
You can come to Portugal and play tennis or Golf! <3 Rui
posted by jaienrik on Jul 29, 2010
to bring you
posted by Jilo Jose on Jul 29, 2010
Mariah carey lollipop bling: honey News
posted by phreviewz on Jul 29, 2010
She's cute inside and out!

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