Lady GaGa Having Makeout Session With Ex-Boyfriend in Hotel Pool

July 28, 2010 07:38:37 GMT

GaGa and Luc Carl reportedly had given their romance another go as they were spotted frolicking in a Texas hotel pool.

Lady GaGa
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Photo credit: L. Gallo/WENN

Lady GaGa appears to be back in the arms of her ex-boyfriend Luc Carl after she was photographed kissing him in a Texas hotel pool. The "Bad Romance" superstar split with the heavy metal drummer several years ago, but recently revealed she had never loved anyone as much as him.

She said, "I wouldn't have been as successful without him. I've never really loved anyone like I loved him. Or like I love him. That relationship really shaped me." reported that GaGa and Carl had given their romance another go - and the couple was spotted frolicking in a pool on Monday, July 26, according to

GaGa, who left her bizarre outfits behind and chilled out in a leopard print bikini, jumped on her lover's shoulders and had play fights with pals in the pool before smooching with the musician in the water.


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posted by rachel on Jan 25, 2011
i know i said bad stuff about her but u people f up
posted by rachel on Jan 25, 2011
i hate her videos i really hate dirty rich
posted by bailey on Nov 07, 2010
what dot kio
posted by _littlemonster___ on Sep 15, 2010
You all just need to shut your f***ing mouths. You can have your opinions but dont share them w/ the world. I love Lady GaGa. She's the most beautiful woman ever, and I'm sure she feels terrible reading your nasty comments. So for anyone saying bad things about her, shut the f*ck up because no one cares to hear your complaints. I think she's great.
posted by nicole on Aug 02, 2010
i dont understand y people that dont like gaga go and look up gaga stuff on the computer just so they can bash her. get a life and a brain. gaga has got a ton of talent and is beautiful. everyone is beautiful in their own way! And that's what gaga preaches to her little monsters. so its not her job to look pretty all the time because to people that love her she is always beautiful.
posted by spec on Aug 02, 2010
why dont you spend your time on something that matters like educating yourselves about the tyranny we are under, dumbass sheeple
posted by xLaDyGaGa2010x on Aug 01, 2010
Haters, why do you even write this stuff if you dont like GaGa? Piss off!!! I'm with mrcharles, chris and adad on this. Nice to see GaGa having a good time :)
posted by adad on Jul 29, 2010
gaga is god, michelle shut your ugly trap.
posted by chris on Jul 29, 2010
maybe some people should learn how to spell "hurt" and maybe even "Heaven" before judging a performer with amazing talent!
posted by mrcharles on Jul 28, 2010
Don't you dare touch your gorgeous nose or cure that oh so sexy overbite!
posted by michelle on Jul 28, 2010
lady gaga is a nasty chick did it hert when u fell out of heven i do not like your songs they sound nasty
posted by osh on Jul 28, 2010
Please fix that big nose and overbite.

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