Justin Bieber Takes Puberty Advice From Usher

Justin Bieber Takes Puberty Advice From Usher

'Usher is the best mentor in the world and he survived puberty,' the 16-year-old singer who is on the verge of breaking his voice.

Justin Bieber is taking tips from former child singer Usher to make sure his breaking voice doesn't ruin his career. The 16 year old is struggling with his high-pitched songs as puberty takes its toll on his vocal cords and he has enlisted the help of a top singing coach to keep his performances note-perfect.

Bieber admits he is also counting on his music mentor Usher, who began singing professionally at the age of 11, to guide him through the trying time. He tells Vibe.com, "Everyone's voice changes. Puberty is a natural thing."

"I have the best vocal coach in the world and we're working on my voice and doing what I need to do. It's not like as soon as you hit puberty you stop singing. Usher is the best mentor in the world and he survived puberty. He tells me what to do, what not to do."

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    Nov 09, 2010

    rumors are going around saying hes getting his nuts pushed up into his body again so he can keep his voice :D!

    shantelle R
    Aug 14, 2010

    hay how are you and ur my fav singer and do u have facebook ??? i lvoe u and ur songs and ur hott lol but umm do u no anyone who i could talk to about my singing ?? and do u and usher have and ifo on singing ?? thank u sooo much love use i m a big fan or urs and ushers

    Shantelle R
    Aug 14, 2010

    hay justin i m a huge fan i love all ur songs there sweet and do u and usher have any info on how to become a signer??? please reply

    Jul 28, 2010

    He needs 2 go tough puberty because have u heard him sing? he is a boy not a girl.

    Jul 24, 2010

    Oh I gues this is why he is lip syncing his songs at concerts. It is really obvious. It probably is good thing for him to head to the acting. His voice is not very good right now but his management seems to keep him in the limelight! Mark by words he will be a flash in the pan!

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