Joe Elliott Complains About Def Leppard's Lack of Respect

July 22, 2010 05:57:09 GMT

The 50-year-old English musician blames music press for not giving enough recognition of his band's success, insisting Def Leppard deserve the same respect as Bono and Paul McCartney.

Joe Elliott Complains About Def Leppard's Lack of Respect
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Def Leppard star Joe Elliott has accused the music press of failing to give rock bands due credit - insisting his group deserves the same respect as stars such as Bono, Sir Paul McCartney and Morrissey. The singer claims music journalists fawn over big name stars such as the U2 frontman and the former The Beatles bassist, but often ridicule his band even though they have enjoyed comparable success.

And Elliott can't understand why Def Leppard aren't considered "cool". He tells Britain's Metro, "We don't get the credit we deserve in Britain... It's nice to walk down Oxford Street without being recognized but then again when music magazines write about us they take the p**s (ridicule us) because we're not as cool as Johnny Marr, who isn't as successful as us by a million miles. (British TV host) Jools Holland won't have us on his show because we're not cool enough."

"Rock's ploughed its own furrow for 30 years but still music magazines don't give rock its due... How many more front covers do Paul McCartney and Morrissey need? Our album will sell more than Morrissey's so why don't we get the same kind of respect?" he adds. "There are more people than Bono and Michael Stipe to put on the cover of a magazine... There are more musicians out there... Bands who have sold s**tloads of records, whether it be us or Depeche Mode, are becoming footnotes."


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posted by dude on Feb 19, 2014
he has a point. def leppard are cool, and they are the only f**king band i know that have a drummer who lost his arm.
posted by CHI CHI on Jul 23, 2012
posted by Estter on Dec 31, 2010
YEA!! DEF LEPPARD!! Awesome rock band! To TexasWet; what do you mean when Joe Elliott was on top of the world? He is always going to be on TOP OF THE WORLD!! I understand you being jealous, but you do NOT have to hate on Joe Elliott (spells Elliott, NOT Elliot)what do you call music? TEX MEX @#@# cha cha cha? Go eat your bean tacos. I will be with DEF LEPPARD until death do us part..
posted by Texuswet on Dec 30, 2010
When Joe Elliot was on top of the world he looked down on others, now he cries about being respected. Karma sucks, just like the sound coming from your instruments, sorry but I cant call that music.
posted by Virginia on Sep 04, 2010
Def leppard are awesome. Saw them live 2 years ago and they play live better than any band i have seen.
posted by Lebo on Jul 30, 2010
The respect they receive is directly perportionate to the quality of their music. It's good, but it's not on the par with Paul and the Beatles.
posted by MaryJane on Jul 30, 2010
I agree with Joe...Def Leppard should get the respect they deserve! They made a massive impact in the world of rock n roll and Britain should be SO proud of them (I certainly am) They've always been about quality music, and I think people sometimes forget just how great and anthemic their songs are. LOVE YOU LEPPARD!!
posted by jessicareann on Jul 24, 2010
i agree def leppard got no respect i love them have for 23 years, they should have already been considered for the word sir in england
posted by Christine Z on Jul 23, 2010
You go Joe! It is about time Def Leppard speak out about you lack of respect from people like these. I noticed it back in the 80's. MTV and VH1 never made the big deal about Def Leppard like it is claimed...I know because I used to watch those channels endlessly WAITING for Def Leppard. The big deal was made about Poison, Dokken,"the WHITE bands"(Great White, Whitesnake,White Lion)which were not even HALF the band Def Leppard IS. You got my respect guys surpass the Beatles,Aerosmith,The Rolling Stones and The Who. Thank you!

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