Wesley Snipes' 3-Year Prison Sentence Upheld

Wesley Snipes

The 'Blade' actor has been sentenced to 36 months in prison on federal tax charges by officials in an Atlanta, Georgia court.

Actor Wesley Snipes' hopes of staying out of jail have been dashed - a federal appeals panel has upheld a three-year prison sentence on federal tax charges against him. On Friday, July 16 officials in an Atlanta, Georgia court ruled the "Blade" star was properly sentenced to three years in federal prison back in 2008, according to the Associated Press.

Attorneys for the action movie star argued that the sentence was "unreasonable". A jury originally convicted Snipes on three misdemeanor counts of willful failure to file his income tax returns. The appeals court decision will be a big blow to Snipes, who previously insisted officials would overturn his jail sentence.

In March, the actor told the Los Angeles Times newspaper, "I wouldn't say I'm worried about it (case); I'm aware of it. All things fall as they should. I'm at great peace with how I live my life and the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon me... We're gonna win this." Snipes has been free on bail pending the outcome of the appeal.

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    Harvey Glick
    Jul 18, 2010

    Just another "who cares about that personz" goes amuck.

    Jul 18, 2010

    @Mrs Bernie Madoff...u're so funny!!!!lol

    Mrs. Bernie Madoff
    Jul 17, 2010

    Better brush up on those FAKE black belt karate skills, that u dont have. Cause ur going to need them, up there with all those horny BROTHA'S...lol

    Jul 17, 2010

    The productive must support the unproductive. How long can the country go on this way?

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