PETA Not Pleased by Fur-Supporting Janet Jackson

July 16, 2010 09:09:24 GMT

'Surely she knows enough about suffering and unjustified death to recognize that both occur in the production of a fur coat,' a spokeswoman for the animal right organization said.

PETA Not Pleased by Fur-Supporting Janet Jackson
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Animal activists have taken aim at Janet Jackson for signing on as the new face of fur firm BlackGlama. The pop superstar was announced as the brand's new 'What Becomes a Legend Most?' spokesmodel on Thursday, July 15 and she'll model high-quality mink items in the ads - and PETA bosses have been quick to react.

Spokeswoman Amanda Schinke says, "It's amazing what celebrities will do when their careers are on a downslide, but we didn't think that Janet was this desperate."

"Surely she knows enough about suffering and unjustified death to recognize that both occur in the production of a fur coat. We are asking her to think again and to donate these stolen skins to be used as bedding for animals orphaned by other human-caused disasters, such as loss of habitat."


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posted by Sick2010 on Jul 26, 2010
First of all a legend is someone known for their talent or skills. No where in the dictionary does it say anything about being a fur wearer. Maybe they should take Janet to the factory where these coats are made. They use about 35 male or 60 females to make one coat. These little animals suffer horribly, which really makes me sick to my stomach,to even think about. There really is no way to justify this, you would have to be cold and heartless. That must be why janet has not come out to make a statement. You fans who live in a fantasy world and this this is faux fur, make me sick too. I was a fan up to now, I just need to figure out how to delete Janets's songs from my Ipod. I am glad Michael is not here to see this, a true lengend.
posted by Women\'s LYB on Jul 19, 2010
Listen, you PETA supporters, do you believe in God? If "yes," do you not know that God gave man dominion over all the animals on the earth? The Biblical figures killed animals for both food, clothing and shelter? So, if God says it's OK, to hell with PETA. Are they putting this much energy into BP and the destruction they are doing to the waters? They should get real lives and real jobs!
posted by Saam on Jul 18, 2010
Ok so ive read the comments and some are utterly pathetic. 1. Animals eat animals because they cant just pop to the shop or get a takeaway, its for there survival and has NOTHING to do with humans eating animals. 2. PETA puts out more personal statements to 'celebs' because hitting someone where it hurts will get the message through alot harder. Face the facts - PETA does an incredible job. 3. Wearing fur has everything to with janets music.. why would i support someones music when i know that there cruel and heartless? Well done PETA.
posted by pmyers52 on Jul 18, 2010
How unbelievable. Do any of you know if the fur is real or fake? No one has said. As for Janet get real she supports animal shelters, and helps with as many charities as she can. I can't believe you are going to let the media do the same thing to her that they did to Michael. What kind of fans are you. What did she do to you? Nothing, just like Michael she loves you and has done all she can to make her fans happy. Stop listening to the hype of the media. LOVE is the answer not the question.
posted by so what on Jul 18, 2010
so what if she wears fur if PETA Was in poland ice age and freezing to death they would wear fur so whats the point janet is a legend no matter what anyone says
posted by who cares on Jul 18, 2010
who cares really PETA can call janet it is a shock she would wear fur but she can do what she whats so just get over it
posted by Soheil on Jul 17, 2010
This is cruel unjustified , mean and barbaric. We're NOT living in stone-age. Thus we do NOT need to wear animal furs anymore? Hey Janet do you know what those poor souls have to go trough so your "classy" fur-coat is made?! Do you have any idea that they're mostly skinned alive? Shame on you , and I'm not gonna admire you anymore.
posted by SherBear on Jul 16, 2010
Fur is horrible! Janet either wasn't thinking or doesn't care about the suffering of the animals.
posted by Nikola on Jul 16, 2010
It's not about PETA. It's about animals. PETA is maybe evil but they said the truth.
posted by Dirac on Jul 16, 2010
I was not a fan until now. I am not a fan of fur but anyone who draws the ire of the most hypocritical group of self-important know-nothings deserves an award. PETA is evil. They do not care about animals or people. They only care about their own bottom line. If you really care about animals give to your LOCAL animal shelter.
posted by DuneBug on Jul 16, 2010
posted by Mike on Jul 16, 2010
I have been a life long supporter of Janet through thick and thin....and am shocked she is don't shocked that I don't think I can support her any longer. I am saddened.
posted by Rock Quarry on Jul 16, 2010
Janet!! Why are you doing this??? I love you, but this is NOT good.
posted by Seriously? on Jul 16, 2010
What kind of organization puts out such unprofessional statements? And really everyone? "Oh no! Fur! I can't believe it!" Unless you are living totally without using any animal product, I don't want to hear your morality play. I don't wear fur, but if someone gave me something I might. I eat meat, I wear leather, I would probably wear fur. Animals eat other animals. Everyone get over yourselves.
posted by Get A Life SF on Jul 16, 2010
Oh please. This means nothing. I can't believe you guys - no longer supporting her because of this. Her music has nothing to do with this! Get a Life in SF!

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