Andy Whitfield to Make First Public Appearance at Comic-Con Post Cancer Battle

July 16, 2010 06:20:17 GMT

Whitfield's 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand' co-star Lucy Lawless believes that he 'is gonna love every moment of' upcoming Comic-Con convention as part of his return from battling the disease.

Andy Whitfield
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Cancer survivor Andy Whitfield is to make his first public appearance since battling the disease at next week's Comic-Con convention in San Diego, California. The Aussie star will join his "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" castmates to chat about the future of the hit TV franchise set in ancient Rome and co-star Lucy Lawless insists Comic-Con is a great place for his return.

She says, "I know he's gonna love every moment of it." Whitfield, who plays gladiator slave Spartacus on the show, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma earlier this year, resulting in a delay in production on the second series of the show, which is filmed in New Zealand.

He has now been given the all-clear after months of treatment and he has already begun training to get back in shape for the physically demanding role, with plans to enroll in boot camp sessions in July. Whitfield is due to resume filming the drama in October.


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posted by colorful on Mar 07, 2011
sure missed andy as spartaus. hope he is recovering with his cancer and to be back on the screen in the near future. he has great potential as an actor and hate to see him give it up. do keep in mind longer out of sight and no word from him or his manager on his condition people may just forget. til then, may god be with him and his family during this dificult time.
posted by charlie on Mar 02, 2011
spanish kitichen event just shows how actors can just do what they want outside of their marriage not caring how it may hurt the other spouse. sometimes fame is not so good especially when one abuses his or her status. wish him well in his cancer recovery but also hope he finds himself before he really hurts the ones who love him the most.
posted by adam on Feb 23, 2011
like to think andy was just flirting with this blonde and nothing went beyond that but then not sure how he values his marriage. however, leaving with her left me wondering just maybe they did spend the night together. guess i really want to think the best of him. may god speed your recovery and beat this cancer once and for all.
posted by pigtail on Feb 23, 2011
would of been best if andy had not shown such affection for this blonde at the spanish kitichen for the world to view. sure puts a damper on his own marriage. should of just left in his own car. stupid, stupid.
posted by sinbag on Feb 23, 2011
is it true that andy has been married before he married his present wife?. may explain a lot about his behavior with other women and does not respect the unity of marriage.
posted by zoey on Feb 07, 2011
watched the prequel and find it very distasteful, dark and just plain bad. at least spartaus had a better story line. yes there was graphic sex but not as bad as the prequel. will not be watching any more shows, period. trust andy beats his cancer once and for all and pray for his family to remain strong. treasure your wife and kids, a third party is not worth the loss you could incur.
posted by skooie on Jan 26, 2011
saw pictures of andy with his wife and daughter. if this picture was recent as implied he looks great considering what he has been through and still is. but it was great to see he is spending his time with his family which i believe is becoming stronger than it was in the past.pray for a full recovery and yes he has the courage most of us lack for this ordeal. god bless and stay truthful to your family and all will work out for the best.
posted by skate on Dec 22, 2010
i believe andy may be a wonderful person as a whole but he really is a lousy husband. wish him well in his recovery of cancer.
posted by jamie on Dec 11, 2010
andy stated that sex was natural. well, guess that is just with anyone who he happens to pick up for the night as was apparant at the spanish kitichen event.
posted by alan on Dec 07, 2010
wish andy a complete recovery from his cancer and to beat it fully this time. have to give your wife credit for standing by you through all of this especially since you dont seem to honor your marriage very well. will be missed as spartaus but hopefully thinking just maybe starz will hold out and let you complete your journey. truly believe with the help and love from your family you will beat this and come out a far better person.
posted by tracy on Dec 06, 2010
a man does not drool all over a woman and not finish the seduction as in andy's case at the spanish kitichen event. he and jai had their ducks in the roll for these women. does andy not understand the difference between single and married? feel for his wife what she must think if in fact she saw the pictures and video. doesnt show a trustful husband that is for sure.
posted by john on Dec 06, 2010
how hard it must be for andy's wife to maintain the trust that goes into a marriage when he openly exposes himself to other women's sexual powers. that was obvious at the spanish kitichen. jai had his woman and andy had his. pray for a recovery from his cancer but pray also for the wife who i am sure has had her share of problems with andy.
posted by donna on Dec 04, 2010
pray for a complete recovery from his cancer. will be missed as spartaus. take this time to really devote yourself to your family as they are the ones behind you all the way especially your wife. dont let her down by being with other women.
posted by hogan on Dec 04, 2010
as lucy said he will have a great time at comic con. however, he went even futher than that at the spanish kitichen event. must of been the reason he left the wife at home so he could play around with another woman. hope his wife did not see the pictures or the video. that would definitely be hurtful.after all what they had been through you would think he would have more respect for his wife.
posted by comic on Dec 03, 2010
looks like starz cnnt find a replacement for andy so why not wait it out to see how andy does. a season lost will not hurt. afterall they have they prequel. andy nailed that role and deserves a change to complete the journey. meantime, spend more time with your family and learn to love them for who they are and not include anymore third parties to your list. may god be with you and your family during this difficult time. time heals all.
posted by joel on Dec 01, 2010
i could care less about andy's personal life. if he screws around on his wife and she is aware of it more power to her. andy was outstanding in spartaus. as you can see starz is having problems replacing him. yes, he brought the character to life and was totally committed to it. he is a good actor and presently his world has been turned upside down. praying for a complete recovery from his cancer and to be back on film with even better roles. it takes a lot of courage to go through what he is enduring at the present and knowing his family is with him all the way. that along will give him strength to beat this cancer. looking forward to seeing him back in a big way in the future.
posted by ally on Dec 01, 2010
a woman who goes after a married man with children is a woman who has little self respect for herself. it takes two to tangle but believe you me this woman from the spanish kitichen knew what was in store for her and went right for it.
posted by jenny on Nov 30, 2010
watched spartaus on dvd. thought over all show was very good. did not care too much for the graphic sex scenes which andy did. must of been hard on the wife. pray for a complete recovery from his cancer and that he will be back in the movie business as he is a good actor. will be missed as spartaus. also, hope next time he is viewed in public it is with his wife and not in the arms of another woman. was disappointed in that. should of just signed the autographs and left in his own car. prayers are with his family during this most difficult time and do believe he will come back stronger and a better person.
posted by joe on Nov 30, 2010
haven't heard any news on andy's condition so guess no news is good news. wish him a speedy recovery and hope he gets back into acting as he is good at it. pray for the family for strength and courage at this difficult time.
posted by una on Nov 28, 2010
think andy and jai need to curtail their outings together as it is obvious it only leads to trouble. andy will be missed as spartaus and pray he will fully recover from his cancer and give his wife more credit than he has in the past.
posted by jc on Nov 27, 2010
yes he was great as spartaus and will be hard to be replaced. he wasn't acting at the spanish event. that was a full blown seduction if i ever saw one. so well planned out. hope the wife doesnt see this as i am sure it will hurt her deeply since all what she has been through with him. talk about lack of appreciation or love he really went over board. pray for a full recovery from his cancer and appreciate his wife more in the future with love, honor and respect.
posted by zero on Nov 27, 2010
spanish kitichen event was no more than lust on both andy and the blonde's behalf. kids and wife never cross his mind, never mind the hurt it might cause for his wife. of course the blonde could care less she got her man for the night. bet this was all planned out in advance. my prayers are for andy's wife who has had to deal with a lot and now with the cancer. god give her strength, courage and most of all peace and happiness.
posted by sly on Nov 25, 2010
wish andy a complete recovery from his cancer. wish his family the strength to get through this. apparently his wife needs a lot of prayers with andys reputation.
posted by erin on Nov 25, 2010
sorry the cancer came back. wish for a complete recovery. will be missed as spartaus but your health is more important. treasure your family as that is what really counts in the long run. many prayers are being said for you and your family at this most difficult time.
posted by hank on Nov 22, 2010
usually when a man is married with kids he does not get into an affair with another woman. guess that did not cross andy's mind at the spanish event. then again maybe there is an understanding between him and his wife. find it hard to believe as most women treasure their marriage. wish andy a complete recovery from his cancer and yes he will be missed as spartaus. not sure will be watching the 2nd season if it should happen. hopefully he will recover and get back in the film business as he is a good actor. but, remember who has been your coach as he put it and his parter for the last 10 years, your wife who deserves better respect.
posted by dj on Nov 21, 2010
fame comes at a price. some can handle it and others cannt. seeing these pictures from the spanish kitichen just shows andy was way to much into himself.never gave a thought to his wife or kids that night. only thought of his own needs with the blonde. of course she was in 7th heaven as she got her man. hopefully he will take this time to realize what he has is precious and cannt be replaced. bless him in his recovery and bless his wife for being there for him during his most difficult time.
posted by laura on Nov 21, 2010
wish andy a full recovery from his cancer. will be missed as spartaus even though the sex scenes were quite graphic expecially for a married man. came across the spanish kitichen video and have to ask why? why humiliate and cause so much pain for your wife. was it worth it? pray that you both will find peace and happiness for a brighter future. good things will come as long as you work together at it.
posted by al on Nov 19, 2010
sorry that his cancer came back. he truly nailed the spartaus role and will be hard to replace. not sure will be watching season 2. will not be the same without andy. pray for a complete recovery and may your future be full of good health and happiness. god bless your family during this difficult time.
posted by angelia on Oct 25, 2010
when andy thought he was in remission he attended the spanish kitichen event. he looked healthy, happy but again he was also in the process of getting involved with another woman. shame that is what was shown of him on his last appearance. wish him a full recovery this time and hope he realizes that his family is far too important to mess around. love them and treasure what you have.
posted by jimmy on Oct 21, 2010
just finished spartaus. seeing scene called great and unfortunate things makes me think about andy and is cancer. get well. there is more in store for you that may be greater than even spartaus. i does wonder if he can do such a graphic sex scene as this one was, he would not think twice about stepping out on his own wife. pray for your recover and appreciate what you do have, a loving family.
posted by courtney on Oct 20, 2010
is andy great as spartaus, yes sexy as hell, yes. will be greatly missed. lets hope he takes this time to realize what a beautiful wife he has and children.cannt have your friend jai as your universe and still maintain a happy marriage.god grant him a full recover and cannt wait to see him back on the screen.
posted by ckj on Oct 19, 2010
andy will be missed in spartaus. take this time to heal, think, and most of all treasure your wife and kids.they cnnt be replaced.
posted by tarzen on Oct 19, 2010
sorry andy had a relapse. hopefully he will realize how beautiful his wife and kids are and stay true to them.
posted by cat on Sep 17, 2010
great news for his recovery. spanish kitichen video just shows how happy he was with picking up anoter much for a married man
posted by 121212 on Sep 17, 2010
great news for the cancer recovery but shame he had to celebrate it by stepping out on his wife
posted by dee on Jul 31, 2010
I'm so happy for his recovery. Bless him and his family :)
posted by DH on Jul 22, 2010
Andy's the man and we all thought about him getting better everyday! He will always be our Sparticus!!!
posted by TG on Jul 17, 2010
I am happy that he is sucessful in his battle with Cancer; I will be prayfull that his sucess continues.
posted by cool on Jul 16, 2010
hell yeah!!! great news!!! can't wait!!! glad he has gotten better cancer sucks.
posted by matt on Jul 16, 2010
great news. glad you are the show.cant wait.

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