'Mad Men' Star Crista Flanagan to Pose Naked for Playboy

Crista Flanagan

On why she agrees to bare all for the men's magazine, the actress says, 'Because it scared me, and I thought it was exciting that something still scared me.'

"Mad Men" star Crista Flanagan has become the latest TV star to bare all for Playboy magazine. The actress, who plays secretary Lois Sadler on the hit show, has peeled off for a spread in the August issue of the men's magazine.

She says, "Part of the reason (I decided to pose) was because it scared me, and I thought it was exciting that something still scared me. I was really nervous about it, and then I thought the only thing that would be embarrassing would be if I hated my body."

Professionally, Crista Flanagan made his movie acting debut by playing Hermione Granger in "Epic Movie". She later appeared in other big screen projects such as "Meet the Spartans", "Disaster Movie" and will be seen in upcoming movie "Vampires Suck" in which she will play as Esme Sullen.

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    Jul 25, 2010

    You put 'Professionally, Crista Flanagan made his movie acting debut' in there. I don't think shes a guy.

    Jul 15, 2010

    That's 'Esme SULLEN' to you. And this is really going to do good for her career, isn't it? People will look at her CV and say 'You worked with THOSE TWO BONEHEADS?' or they might say 'You're so hot, you're hired!' I just don't know. Why is she scared of Playboy anyway? Is it because she's afraid of the women demeaning themselves? Or is she so modest, that one day she decides 'Hey, I'll do something really impulsive- I'll become one of them!' Besides, I may really not like her, but she's not got a bad body. She's pretty, but I don't like her.

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