Tom Jones Receives Apology for 'Sick Joke' Remark

Tom Jones

His record label's boss has apologized for writing e-mail to his colleagues that Jones' new album is not going to score.

Crooner Tom Jones has received an apology from a record label boss over a leaked email which described his spiritual new album as a "sick joke". The veteran star signed a multi-million dollar contract with Island Records last October and is set to release his latest disc, "Praise & Blame", at the end of this month.

An email from Island's vice president David Sharpe to his colleagues at the company revealed he was thoroughly unimpressed with the new tracks - he slammed Jones' sound and told co-workers to "pull back this project immediately or get my money back".

But Sharpe has since apologized to Jones for the comments. The "It's Not Unusual" hitmaker tells Britain's Sunday Telegraph newspaper, "They've apologized. They can't apologize enough."



    Aug 07, 2010

    Tom Jones is the greatest, I could not love him,his music, or his perforances more. That said, this album is unlistenable. If Tom thinks some leaked email by a nameless suit is the reason this vanity project won't sell, he's in denial. He's learned the right to put out whatever he wants; but this album was designed to please critics who don't like the stuff that made him famous. Luvya Tom, no matter what.

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