Zac Efron NOT Proposing to Vanessa Hudgens

July 09, 2010 09:40:21 GMT

His representative has poured cold water over speculation that the actor is ready to take his five-year relationship with Hudgens to the next level.

Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron
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Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Zac Efron's publicist has been forced to dismiss ongoing rumours the "High School Musical" star is preparing to propose to longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. The pair has been together for five years, and recently they were forced to deny they were househunting for their first home together.

And following online reports Efron had picked out a ring to ask for Hudgens' hand in marriage, a rep for the young hunk has spoken out to shoot down the speculation. The spokesperson tells, "They are not moving in, getting married or breaking up."

Efron in fact was spotted going out solo in the past few days. On Wednesday, July 7, he was meeting some friends at Pace restaurant in Studio City. The next day, he was visiting Sunset Towers in West Hollywood sans Hudgens.


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posted by fafah on Nov 26, 2010
i love u both i wish ill stay together forever:-)
posted by angelica:)) on Aug 29, 2010
im a super fan of zac and nessa. thankful dt ur not like the other couples in showbiz..
posted by sharellbrown on Jul 18, 2010
I Think that vanessa and zac should stay together and have a great life .
posted by Ed in Florida on Jul 11, 2010
Ash, as to your above comment, sounds like we have common grounds. Maybe we should try and get together and work it out for our advantage, You Like Zac, I Like Vanessa, far be it for me to split up someones lives, but if you like Zac the way I like Vanessa, then your heart will never be able to once again be settled unless we allow them to know that there is someone else out there who loves them very, very, very much.... OK so that's how I feel about the Lady I watched climb into the car at Carlin Park on June 14, and just drive away. Sorry Vanessa, I know you were waiting for me to come over and say "Hello" that day, but you know that I love you so very much that when I get get around you I just stammer, looking for the Perfect way to say "I Love You", and Ash, sounds like that might be the same with you and Zac. Perhaps we should help each other get over this Phobia, and who knows, we might have the way to find our desired goals. Like when I used to ask Gabriella Garcia to study with me in Political Science, Both of our grades would have been 'A's or 'B's but how could I be so dumb when Gabriella asked me to study with her for the final to not do it just to spend what would have been the happiest days of my life just being with the Lady I Love Most, Vanessa Anne Hudgens... Forgive me Vanessa, I do not which is worst, having to hear you say Good-by or just watching you leave, either way, my heart will always be in love with you....
posted by kyle on Jul 11, 2010
Sorry Tina but i'm exactly your opposite. I like Zac and Vanessa waaay better than your current fave couple. To each his/her own, i guess.
posted by kyle on Jul 11, 2010
I like Zac and Vanessa waaay better than Robert P & Kristen.
posted by ash on Jul 11, 2010
ah....Thank God! Zac is all mine;)
posted by Ed in Florida on Jul 11, 2010
Some of us just have no short way to say "I LOVE YOU!" so sometines I write a lot. "How Do You Tell An ANGEL You Love Her?"
posted by Ed in Florida on Jul 10, 2010
Someday, maybe Zac will feel sad as I do for never telling Vanessa "I Love Her" while we were in lab. Either way, I will always love her and if she ever come back to Florida, I will ask her out and give her her ring and until then, I shall be as John Lennon sang "Just a Jealous Boy" And tell debi Lavota that I am now declairing my LOVE For Vanessa and if Vanessa will have me, then it is after a Diamond I must be...
posted by ..blee.. on Jul 10, 2010
they really look good togethr.. and its nice that they made their relationship that long...

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