Hayden Christensen Sues 'Royal Pains' Bosses for Allegedly Stealing His Idea

Hayden Christensen

Along with his brother Tove, Hayden Christensen files a lawsuit at Manhattan Federal Court in New York City, accusing TV bosses at the USA Network took their idea without permission.

Hayden Christensen has filed a lawsuit against TV bosses at the USA Network alleging they stole his idea for a comedy series. The Canadian actor and his brother, Tove, claim they contacted the network in 2005 and pitched a proposal for a show called "Housecall", about a "concierge" doctor who makes home visits to rich and famous clients.

The siblings allege USA Network bosses took the idea and turned it into their own series, "Royal Pains", which is now in its second season. The pair filed legal papers at Manhattan Federal Court in New York City on Tuesday, July 6.

They claim an unnamed executive at USA told them that when they pitched their idea he was "aware of concierge doctors " and called their concept was "fascinating", according to the New York Post.

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    fair play
    Feb 05, 2012

    First of all the above quote is wrong. According to the suit the USA exec said he was "unaware of concierge doctors". Not "aware". Second, I think anyone should read the suit, which is online, before make judgement. They did not sue for having an idea stolen. They sued for implied breach of contract after meeting and submitting a very detailed pitch with included character biographies, concepts, themes and plot/story lines for the series. It's obvious they wouldn't and didn't sue until they saw that more than just the general idea had been used.

    Jul 08, 2010

    2005, huh? Gee, Not-Important-Anymore Hayden and Nonfamous Brother, why did you wait 5 years? Is it because now the show is in its second season and successful that you realized, 'hey wait, that's our show, where's our money?' Please. You sound like a kindergartner who drew a horsey, but is mad because another kindergartner's horsey is better than his. Why did they draw a horsey too, you thought of it first! Sheesh.

    dirty pool
    Jul 08, 2010

    these two sue everyone about anything now. First it was about some director now a show in it's 2nd season come on really!!!!

    Jul 08, 2010

    That is so messed up I hope Hayden and Tove get a huge settelment out of this, They deserve it,

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