Mike Tyson Goes on Pilgrimage to Mecca

July 05, 2010 04:57:06 GMT

The retired boxer, who converted to Islam during his 1990s incarceration, has reportedly arrived in Saudi Arabia on July 2 and planned to visit the sacred spot.

Mike Tyson
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Photo credit: Jody Cortes/WENN

Retired boxing legend Mike Tyson has reportedly embarked on a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. The sportsman, who converted to Islam during a jail stint in the 1990s, arrived in the Saudi Arabian city of Medina on Friday, July 2 and plans to visit the sacred spot on his tour of the country, according to the AFP.

Mecca is visited by an estimated 13 million Muslims every year as they make pilgrimages to the revered religious landmark.

Tyson, 44, turned to the religion while serving a 10-year prison sentence, later reduced to three years, for sexually assaulting beauty queen Desiree Washington in 1991. He recently admitted that he is "totally destitute and broke" after years of excessive spending, but still has "an awesome life" with his wife and kids.


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posted by RK\'s Eco-Star-Guyan on Oct 24, 2010
Truly a great blessing for his body and soul, and inspiration to so many. He should work in dawa to educate more Americans about the magnificence of Islam as moderate and good for all mankind.
posted by SHERRY on Jul 20, 2010
posted by Romzi on Jul 07, 2010
It doesnt matter his tattoo still on his face.
posted by caveman on Jul 06, 2010
is the tattoo still on his face?
posted by fidotche on Jul 05, 2010
Good for him!!...
posted by AZ81 on Jul 05, 2010

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