Oksana Grigorieva Sits for Deposition in Custody Battle Against Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva

The Russian singer has sat for the deposition in Los Angeles on Friday, July 2, a day after the actor was accused of using a racist, profanity-laced tirade aimed at her.

Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has testified under oath about her troubled relationship with the Hollywood actor as part of a bitter custody battle over their baby daughter. The "Braveheart" star split from Grigorieva earlier this year and the former couple is now embroiled in a battle over visitation rights to seven-month-old Lucia.

The Russian singer sat for the deposition in Los Angeles on Friday, July 2. Gibson and Grigorieva's break-up has turned into a nasty legal spat in recent weeks with the musician reportedly winning a restraining order in Los Angeles against the movie star amid allegations he was violent towards her. Grigorieva has also accused Gibson of failing to pay for the upkeep of their child.

The deposition comes just a day after Gibson was accused of using offensive racial language in an expletive-laden, recorded argument with his ex. The audio file has allegedly been obtained by TMZ, but the site has yet to go public with the recording and the actor has yet to confirm reports of the tape's existence.

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    Jul 15, 2010

    Oksana used Mel Gibson. She doesn't deserve Mel Gibson and she needs to leave and loose everythingl. She is lying. She lying.

    Jul 05, 2010

    Tati, clearly you condone domestic violence. As a domestic violence survivor I find your comments VERY OFFENSIVE!

    Jul 05, 2010

    Tati, you know her personally? Yeah ok and I suppose you have documented evidence proving that? Nope! Articles from Russian mags prove NOTHING. Mel made CHOICES NOT MISTAKES. He chose to cheat on his former wife and degrading his family and grandson, he chose to be a drug addict, racist, woman hater, and alcoholic. No one twisted his arm. He should be permanently denied access to Lucia. He's a dangerous man and a monster. It's up to Oksana to protect her child from Mel.

    Jul 04, 2010

    I know her personally.She was daiting several man when she lived at Mel’s house. There was a reason why she made him so angry. There was some doudts if he is the father of their baby..Why is he saying he might be a father ..? Why nobody is checking her backround? People,do you know her lovers were visiting Timothy house in London while he was at work ? I have articles from Russian magazines to prove .Timothy, say something. Mel is an actor like you…Even if he made some horrible mistake. Everybidy hates somebody. I know some people from Europe, they hate Amercans,I know people who hate Muslems,some hate Russians, Georgians, Chineese.. People wake up. Gibson were your hero, the Patriot. Why are you letting some ugly person to do such a things to him ?

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