Daniel Radcliffe Not 'Worried' About Being Short

Daniel Radcliffe

The actor used to feel insecure about his height but he prefers to make jokes about it to being bitter.

"Harry Potter" star star Daniel Radcliffe has finally accepted his short stature - he pokes fun at his size rather than feel bitter. The actor, who stands at 1.6 metres (five foot, five inches), admits he used to worry his wizarding castmates Emma Watson and Rupert Grint would outgrow him onscreen.

And even though they eventually did, Radcliffe insists he feels now comfortable about his height. He says, "I didn't get particularly worried because as long as Emma (Watson) and Rupert (Grint) weren't shooting up too quickly either, I'd look (fine). We'd all look relatively (the same height). It was all going to be okay."

"I was worried on a personal level because I wanted to be slightly taller than I am, ideally. But I've now accepted it. Basically, I came to the conclusion a while ago that you can either be really bitter about it or you can make loads of funny jokes. When I meet people now and they all say, 'God you're so much shorter than I expected!' I always say, 'No! I'm actually slightly further away than you think', which confuses them."

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    Oct 20, 2010

    Jesus fuck.... I cant make any sense out every one of the above comments

    jaimie lester
    Sep 19, 2010

    If i was standing next to Daniel radcliffe he would be lucky enough to be taller than me.I only managed to grow to 5'0 so good luck to him.

    Jul 01, 2010

    dan u luk really cool than emma and rupert even if u r shorter than them

    Jul 01, 2010

    harry is the best ector for this movis

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