Jermaine Jackson: Michael Would Be Upset With His Children's Newfound Freedom

Jermaine Jackson

But, Jermaine Jackson is adamant the kids' lives are changing for the better, saying 'They have to fit into society at some point, to become citizens.'

Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine Jackson is convinced the late superstar wouldn't be happy if he knew about his children's newfound freedom - they are set to attend public school and can leave the house without wearing a veil. Jackson's mother Katherine was granted custody of the star's three kids - Prince Michael, 13, Paris, 12 and eight-year-old Blanket - after his death last year.

Since living with their grandmother, the children's lives have changed dramatically and many of their father's old rules have fallen by the wayside - including his desire to keep the youngsters out of the public eye. The children were allowed into the spotlight after Jackson's death, appearing at his televised memorial, while Prince also gave a speech at the Grammy Awards.

Katherine has also let the children go out without their faces covered and agreed to let them attend public school for the first time - but Jackson's brother Jermaine insists his late sibling would be worried about the changes.

He tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "A lot of things he wouldn't like. He didn't want them to be all over the media, he wanted them to have a normal life, and it was hard with him so famous." But Jermaine is adamant the kids' lives are changing for the better, adding, "They have to fit into society at some point, to become citizens... They're going to go to a private school with other kids and know what it's like to have a friend. Absolutely. It's the best for them."




    Jul 27, 2010

    Does anyone else find it halarious how Jermaine accused people of cashing in on Michael's death, yet he's done the most interviews and "tributes" about Michael and his children? Get a clue Jermaine! You know nothing about your brother or his wishes! Michael admitted himself that the children would have to come out of their veils as they grew older. Also, Michael made it very clear after the trial that he never wanted to return to Neverland, yet JERMAINE insists it was Michael's wish to be buried there! Hey Jermaine, maybe you should take of your 10 from 4 different wives, instead of cashing in on Michael's kids all the time!!!!

    Jul 15, 2010

    let the kids have dreams and life, not Jermaine's life or anyone else but their own.

    MJ 4Ever
    Jul 08, 2010

    Jermaine should concern himself with the well being of his own children and leave the parenting to Mrs. Jackson. If Michael would have wanted Jermaine to raise the kids, he would have indicated this in his will. 'Tis interesting that you don't see Jermaine's name in the news - unless he is connected to Michael...woops - that's right - MJ could sing better than him even at age 5! LOL!!! Get a life, Jermaine - and put your own damn shoes on - honestly - your wife puts your shoes on?? (Watch the A&E Show - you shall see!!)

    Jul 07, 2010

    Michael, had stopped veiling the kids in public in the last couple of years of his life. He and DR had both agreed to veil them when they were younger for their privacy and security reasons. I do not agree with the public exploitation of MJs kids by his mother. I believe she is wrong to completely disregard the manner in which MJ was raising his kids. They are young and they need structure and rules. This is obviously something that KJ is not implementing as we could see by the stun gun incident and all the webcam videos on the internet. MJ was very careful of what the children did and monitored them closely. KJ needs to also remember that these are not ordinary kids. Michael had a price on his head, and so do those kids. Their safety should be priority, not family exploitation and money.

    Jun 30, 2010

    Michael veiled them so people would not recognize them when they went out in public UNVIELED without him. Once they appeared at the public memorial, people knew what they looked like and veiling them at this point would be pointless.

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