T.I. to Launch His Own Line of Cognac


The rapper is set to follow Ludacris and Dr. Dre's footsteps in launching his own range of Cognac, teaming up with Remy Martin bosses.

Rapper T.I. has become the latest hip-hop icon to toast the liquor business - he's working with Remy Martin bosses to launch his own line of cognac. The "Live Your Life" hitmaker was unveiled as the brand's new spokesman in early June and now he reveals he's working on a signature VSOP blend of Remy Martin.

T.I. isn't the only rap star to expand into the alcohol industry - Ludacris helped experts hand-blend his Conjure brandy, Dr. Dre is planning his own range of high-end Aftermath Cognac and sparkling vodka and Diddy is the face of Ciroc vodka.

His liquor business aside, T.I. recently revealed that he has hit recording studio with Lady GaGa to record a song called "Lick It". GaGa is part of his collaborators in his upcoming album "King Uncaged".

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    May 22, 2011

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    May 22, 2011

    omg t.i. iz still hella fine ya girl mare hit me up ya kno yuhh da king of da south!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 love yuhh.![bye tha wayy im a litttttle bit krazy but just a litttle.!]

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