Tony Bennett: Rod Stewart Sings Like a Girl

Tony Bennett: Rod Stewart Sings Like a Girl

Claiming that Rod Stewart is not as good as Nat Cole and Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett says his fellow musician has 'a kind of a female voice.'

Legendary crooner Tony Bennett is unimpressed with Rod Stewart's efforts at covering pop standards - insisting the former Faces frontman sings like a girl. Stewart has released four of his Great American Songbook albums since 2002, on which he tackles classic show tunes and traditional tracks.

But Bennett has taken a swipe at Stewart's cover versions, insisting they expose weaknesses in his vocals. Bennett says, "It's not as good as Nat Cole or Frank Sinatra. He has a kind of a female voice. It's not definitive performances. The game is really how can you own a performance of a song? And that's the game of communicating as a performer - to own that song that you're doing."

Rod Stewart himself hasn't commented on Tony Bennett's statement.



    Aug 18, 2010

    Oh, you're just jealous Bennett you jerk! We all know that Rod Stewart is one of the greatest vocalists ever, not to mention that he is a wonderful performer and songwriter loved by millions (if not more). His perfect voice is amazing in its adaptability and is incredibly sexy (just like Rod is). We LOVE YOU, ROD! You can do anything! Rock on!

    Jul 11, 2010

    tony my boy!!!how many albums you sell??you not even dood enoug to carry rods jock!!!rod stewart is a great singer no matter the style!!now just sit home and wait for stevie wonder to throw your old ass a bone!

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