Bill Murray Fired Agent Due to Disturbing Phone Calls

Bill Murray

The actor decided he no longer used a representation because when he had an agent, 'the phone rings all the time, because there's someone there whose job it is to get so-and-so on the phone.'

Actor Bill Murray fired his agent when he realized he didn't want to be associated with someone who kept bothering him. The "Lost in Translation" star now has no representation and acts as his own agent and publicist after one particularly keen aide kept calling and calling.

Murray tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "When you have an agent, the phone rings all the time, because there's someone there whose job it is to get so-and-so on the phone, and so they dial the number, and they'll let it ring 75 times."

"You can be in your house and be like, 'I'm not answering that phone... ' and all you can really think is, 'I really don't want to meet the person that lets a phone ring like that." Murray insists his life is a lot simpler now and quieter. He explains, "The phone just doesn't ring, it's nice."



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