Katherine Believes Michael Jackson's Kids Will Follow His Footsteps

June 26, 2010 06:07:46 GMT

The mother of the late singer reveals Paris wants to be an actress, Prince wants to write movies, while Blanket loves to sing.

Katherine Believes Michael Jackson's Kids Will Follow His Footsteps
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Michael Jackson's children are keen to follow in the the pop legend's footsteps, according to family matriarch Katherine Jackson - the two Prince Michaels and Paris are already honing their talents in music and entertainment. The "Thriller" hitmaker's mother was awarded custody of the children when her son died a year ago on June 25 - and she is seeing clear signs that the talented trio has a bright future in entertainment ahead.

She says, "Paris loves the piano and she also wants to be an actress... Prince has a lot of talent also, he's very talented with camera equipment and electronics. He wants to be a cameraman and he wants to write movies." She adds, "Blanket (Prince Michael II) loves to sing and play with his toys most of the time; he's very young. But he can carry a tune very well. He has rhythm and he can dance."

Katherine Jackson has flown to the family's native Gary, Indiana for the anniversary of her son's death. She'll unveil a statue tribute to the King of Pop there later today.


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posted by andrea on Jul 06, 2010
if michaels children is going to be like there dad i hope that the people won't hurt them like some of them did there dad michael we that love michael hopes the chilren will make it and we hope they just don't get hurt like he did by thoes nuts thats out there michael was a good person.
posted by andrea on Jul 06, 2010
we hope the childern gets treated better by those people who didn't treat there dad good and they know who they are and its wasn't his fans that treated him bad we all loved him and we miss him very much we love all of the jacksons.
posted by Jibril Gulani on Jun 27, 2010
Paris, Prince and Blanket I urge you guyz to vinicate the memories of your great father The King of Music, so that is life, music and cause will live on, in the healing of the world.
posted by puruhita on Jun 26, 2010
Stay well and healthy. We love you Paris, Prince and Blanket.

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