Michael Jackson, Britain's Highest Selling Artist Since His Death

Michael Jackson

His albums have sold 2.8 million copies, well above Michael Buble who scored 2 million in the same time period.

Michael Jackson is still the King of Pop in Britain - the tragic superstar is the top-selling artist there in the year since his death. As fans gather to mark the anniversary of his death at California's Forest Lawn Cemetery, where Jackson was laid to rest in September, officials for Britain's Official Charts Company have revealed the "Thriller" singer has sold 2.8 million albums and 1.5 million singles in Britain since his passing.

Jackson's sales have placed him ahead of Canadian singer Michael Buble, who has sold just over two million albums in Britain during the same period.

The firm's researchers have also listed Jackson's top 10 biggest selling singles and albums in the U.K. since his death, to mark the year anniversary.Hit song "Man in the Mirror" was the most popular track, while "Billie Jean", "Thriller" and "Smooth Criminal" all sold more than 100,000 copies in the last year. The biggest selling album in Britain since the singer's death is "The Essential - selling just over 600,000 copies in 12 months.

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    Aug 30, 2010

    Long live the King of Pop! Michael your legacy will live forever.

    Jun 26, 2010

    this is no surprise to me at all. For those who were paying attention to Mj s genius and not his outfits or kids or marriages or surgeries, or false accusations and lies, it s only a matter of fact that he still is bigger and better than the so called stars of today. This will never change because there is and will always be ONE MICHAEL JACKSON.Why can t Justin Beiber break Guinness records if he s so gr8?Where is Usher s record? and all the others? why aren t they breaking Mj s records? this speaks for itself.The media never gave MJ his just recognition.. all they ever did was bash and bruise him. Who has taken his place, media? who are you bashing these days? oh! no one . i see all the so-called stars who wanna be Mj, they are the best thing since slice bread for u...

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