Eddie Izzard and Dennis Haysbert Forgot Lines on Stage

Eddie Izzard and Dennis Haysbert Forgot Lines on Stage

Their debut performance in David Mamet's play 'Race' was panned by critics when they stumble on the dialog.

Eddie Izzard and Dennis Haysbert disappointed theatre-goers with a shaky start to their stint on Broadway - reportedly forgetting their lines and stumbling through their first performance of "Race".

The British comic has joined forces with the former "24" star to tackle the lead roles in David Mamet's play, with Izzard stepping into the role previously played by James Spader. But the New York Post reports the actors failed to impress the audience when they took to the New York stage for their first performance on Monday, June 21 night.

A source tells the publication, "(They) seemed unsteady and most forgetful of their lines. Doing any Mamet play is no easy task and the dialog is unwieldy. It was their first performance, hopefully things will improve as they get into the roles."

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    Jul 30, 2010

    I saw the show in January with the original cast. It was very good. I saw the show on July 23 with this cast. It was very very good.

    Jun 30, 2010

    Eddie Izzard is not a great actor. I was there, and he flubbed his lines repeatedly. He also just didn't act well. Haysbert's a pro, but he messed up lines, too. The other two actors did fine work on the 25th.

    Jun 26, 2010

    Regardless Eddie and Dennis forgot their lines, they are both great actors. Allow them sometime to improve. I am still planning to attend this broadway Shoe July 10th . Good luck to both Eddie and Dennis. Dennis you are my favorite actor and you are brilliant. See you in New York.

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