Maria Bello Back Into Bad Smoking Habit

Maria Bello

After kicking her longtime nicotine addiction in late 2009, the actress has slipped back into her old routine, admitting 'I started smoking a little bit again.'

Actress Maria Bello has started smoking again, just months after kicking her longtime nicotine addiction. The health-conscious "Coyote Ugly" star, 43, thought she had managed to quit for good in November 2009 after undergoing a series of hypnotherapy sessions.

She said, "I quit for a year, started again for a month, and then... I went to a hypnotist - and now I'm not smoking. It's my one horrible addiction. You can't believe it's working because you think, 'This is ridiculous, it's not going to work...' And then it works."

But Bello admits she has since slipped back into her old routine and now the bad habit is costing her big - because she agreed to pay her nine-year-old son Jack cash every time she is caught with a cigarette, or whenever she swears. She says, "I started smoking a little bit again. I quit and now it's like four or five (cigarettes) a day. And I owe Jack money for that - every time he sees a cigarette in my purse and everytime I curse. I owe him like, $300 (200 pound sterling)!"



    John R. Polito
    Jun 24, 2010

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