Justin Bieber Unrecognized in U.K.

Justin Bieber

The popular American singer was mistaken as 'Eastender' actor Thomas Law when a fan came up to him while in U.K.

Justin Bieber was left stunned when several U.K. fans asked for his autograph after they mistook him for a British soap actor. The "Baby" hitmaker has garnered a massive following around the world since he shot to stardom last year and is regularly mobbed by girls when he appears in public.

But Bieber's fame hasn't reached all parts of Britain - a group of teenagers recently approached the singer because they thought he was 17-year-old actor Thomas Law from British TV show "Eastenders".

He says, "Some girls asked for my autograph and then said, 'We love you in EastEnders.' I'd never heard of the show. So I Googled the actor, and, I guess, there are worse people to be compared with."

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    1#justin bieber fan
    Oct 01, 2010

    i don't know who thomas law is and i don't think justin bieber will look like him because justin is the hottest,cutest and sexest boy i have ever saw and my bedroom is coverd in posters,pictures and interviews of him lots of love from justin's biggest fan carli xxxx love u justin sooooooo much

    Jun 18, 2010

    justin looks nothing like thomas law. justin is way too gorgeous. people need to recognize.(:

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