Adam Lambert Left Red Faced Upon Kiss Request

June 15, 2010 09:57:14 GMT

A male fan named Joe wanted the openly-gay singer to give him a peck on the lips while appearing on a British TV show but he turned it down politely.

Adam Lambert
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Adam Lambert was left red-faced during an appearance on a U.K. chatshow on Monday, June 14, when a male fan asked for an onscreen kiss. The openly gay "American Idol" star sparked controversy when he locked lips with his male keyboardist at the American Music Awards last year and an audience member watching Lambert on "Justin Lee Collins: Good Times" was hoping for a similar experience.

Named as Joe, the young fan asked the singer, "As we've seen, you've been involved in a controversial gay kiss in the past and I was wondering if you fancied another one tonight?" Lambert looked embarrassed and told Joe, "I'm very flattered but I have to pass. I'll probably have an offscreen gay kiss later. I'm not a w**re!"

But the star let his fan down gently, adding, "Thank you, though! Give me a hug!" before embracing him in the audience.


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posted by FUCK ME BABY HEHE RE on Jun 20, 2010
Adam Lambert is cute :)
posted by Ballywho on Jun 17, 2010
When was Adam mean on that show? Because he wasn't impressed by the woman screaming that she'd turn him straight? And so he didn't want to kiss the kid (who was cute, by the way) makes him evil? He was really nice about turning him down, though.
posted by benjii1991 on Jun 16, 2010
Joe is my friend and he didnt mean to stir any of this when he asked for this kiss. Most of you pervy yanks would of done the same... so leave my mate alone!
posted by Dee12 on Jun 16, 2010
Yes, i saw Adam's segment on the show. it did happen for the most part as reported in this article. Adam's last comment is taken a bit out of context. By watching the show, you'd see that both male and female audience members were attracted to and "came on" to Adam very directly when given the opportunity. Even the commedian host followed suit by doing so in a joking manner. Adam is extraordinarily beautiful and personable, and is accustomed to such flattery so i doubt that he was embarrassed to the degree portrayed here. His reputation for being a nice guy with a good nature and sense of humor is well deserved and he demonstrated them once again on that show. appears you have issues. Maybe if you smelly, sweaty fans who've been standing out in mid-day August heat for hours stalking him wouldn't try to snuggle up to him uninvited he wouldn't have said that. And he didn't say "fat" or "women"--you did. The only time he didn't sound genuine to me was when the likes of you badgered him into retraction by tweeting, "You all smell like...roses."
posted by Fluffy on Jun 16, 2010
Totally fabricated story...and Cindy, he is a really lovely guy actually.
posted by debbie on Jun 15, 2010
not all his fans are fat women. And i probably would have done the same thing if i had people constantly bringing up the gay thing. Its about the music...and everyone always wants to talk about his sexuality. Gay straight bi whatever he is he sings his heart out and i am sick of the haters....all artists have a right to an opinion no bats an eye if a justin bieber or a john mayer says something like that.
posted by cindy18 on Jun 15, 2010
Whatever..I wish people would be judge by the overall character, not by their "sexual orientation", because I could give a "crap" about who he kisses or sleeps with. I am not a Glambert fan, never have been. I do not dig, his music or personality with his comments about the fans are "smelly and sweaty" and comment from awhile back. He said something that he thought, because it was off the cuff. Those "smelly, sweaty, fat, women are your fans, Adam. They keep food on your table." He does not seem very genuine to me. I would rather listen to David Bowie or Roxy Music at home.
posted by tigertail on Jun 15, 2010
This story is a complete lie! Adam hasn't been in the Uk for several weeks! His Glamnation tour started June 4th, and on Monday June 14th he was putting on his amazing show in Columbus OHIO! BTW Cindy18, if your not a fan why are you dragging yourself around on his news sites? And you seem to thimk you know sooo much about the kind of person Adam is. Get a Life!

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