Robert De Niro Not Yet Signed to Be Dean Martin

Robert De Niro

He hears it the first time that filmmaker Martin Scorsese wants him to play the legendary singer in Frank Sinatra biopic.

Robert De Niro has dismissed speculation he's set to reteam with Al Pacino for Martin Scorsese's upcoming Frank Sinatra biopic. Scorsese is preparing to bring Ol' Blue Eyes' life story to the big screen in forthcoming film "Sinatra", with Pacino playing the title role.

The director recently admitted he would love to reunite the actor with his "The Godfather Part II" co-star De Niro as The Rat Pack singer Dean Martin. Scorsese told, "I've had it in mind for a long time. Even the initial script is ready. I'm yet to spot the actor who can bring back Frank Sinatra alive on screen. My choice is Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro as Dean Martin."

De Niro admits he is working on an "ambitious" new project with Scorsese, but rumors of his involvement in the Sinatra film is news to him. Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, he adds, "Yeah, I've heard I was supposed to be in that film."

De Niro and Pacino last co-starred in 2008 movie "Righteous Kill", their first collaboration since 1996 film "Heat".




    Nov 27, 2010

    I hate when people like you comment like you know what your talking about who are you to say what/who someone can play if martin say he want them in his film then they will be great in his film. Their actors it's what they do the can portray anything and anyone because their great actors.

    Oct 02, 2010


    Jun 15, 2010

    I'm a huge fan of Dean Martin and have been for awhile, but I can't see Robert De Niro as Dean Martin, nor can I really see Pacino as Frank. These guys are outstanding actors, but I think it would be best if Scorsese threw out the idea of having big name actors and opted for no-name actors. First of all, De Niro strikes me as more hard-core than Dean ever was. Dean was always having fun, he never took himself too seriously...he was natural, smooth...I don't get that feeling from De Niro. Out of two, Frank was the more hard-core one and I can see Pacino's and Sinatra's personalities being similar, but (and I'm sorry) he's just too old if he's going to play a young Frank. I also don't like big names, playing big names. I want to be convinced that what I see on screen is actually Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, I would watch this and all I would see would be Al Pacino and Robert De Niro playing the parts of Martin and Sinatra . I think an exception would be if a big name would play someone famous, that didn't have as much visual popularity, compared to a reputation or music. An example of this would be Johnny Depp as Dillinger. He was famous gangster in the 30's, but honestly, most people are not going to know what he looks like, without looking him up. Martin and Sinatra, on the other hand, you mention their name and the average person will know what they look like, without a physical picture in front of them. That's why I very much prefer no names in a movie like this, even if it involves a big name director like Scoresese, because then you're not comparing them to other types of roles they've done or just not being convinced they're who they portray because they're so famous themselves

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