Robert Pattinson Made Joke at Naked Taylor Lautner During 'Eclipse' Filming

June 14, 2010 07:01:59 GMT

The British heartthrob forced his co-star to endure the freezing temperature longer by pretending to forget his line.

Robert Pattinson Made Joke at Naked Taylor Lautner During 'Eclipse' Filming
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Robert Pattinson put his "Twilight" co-star Taylor Lautner through hell on the set of upcoming sequel "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse" - by forgetting his dialog on purpose to keep the actor stripped down. Lautner appears in the nude in a scene for the third film in the vampire franchise and was forced to endure freezing wet conditions to complete the clip.

And prankster Pattinson made the shoot even more harrowing for the American - by purposefully taking his time to deliver his line, so his on-screen rival would have to suffer naked for longer.

Pattinson tells Access Hollywood, "He (Lautner) was outside and it was freezing and it was raining as well. And he sat there, like, trembling on the floor. I had my one line and I just kind of keep saying, 'Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot what it was again; what was it?' "


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posted by XxDeadMexX on Sep 24, 2011
i think its funny i hate taylor but love rob so all of you people that hate him fuck off and he IS NOT gay ;)
posted by marina on Aug 24, 2011
he so awful!how can he joke around when someone else is suffering???hate u rob!!
posted by roxy on Apr 05, 2011
TAYLOR you are so cute and lovley MWAAAAAAAAAH ``XXX
posted by cece on Apr 05, 2011
hey rob i hate you don't you dare saying that and tay love ya
posted by cheyenne on Mar 15, 2011
posted by taylorlover267101 on Mar 15, 2011
I would fuck taylor lautner then id suck his HUGE dick i have pics it is 11 inches i have a tight lil pussy and BTW im only 11 y/o sexy lautner ok im sooo horny and i would make taylor make me squirt
posted by ams on Jan 26, 2011
oh... taylor .... u poor poor thing.... i am sure that robert is a gay... in case he is, i guess i dont blame him. taylor's so ... well... HOT... if i would b in place of robert , i would have made him stay naked longer and kiss taylor as much as i could.... sigh...
posted by ashalee on Jan 01, 2011
i cant believe he did that!!!why would anyone want to make someone like taylor suffer like that?
posted by Lizzie on Dec 27, 2010
Rob is such a bitch! Taylor I am sorry u have to suffer!
posted by Rob:( Taylor:) on Dec 12, 2010
rob ur mean im sry taylor. ur soooooo hot!!!
posted by Kareena on Nov 13, 2010
Rob is soon bloody gay...taylor u poor thg ya:...:)
posted by dunno on Sep 25, 2010
i think rob is gay reasons why: 1. he is with kristen stewart and hasnt hit that. 2.he wants to marry her but she wont commit. i think she knows somethings 3. he liked staring at a 17 y/o boy, maybe he is also a chester.
posted by haha on Sep 20, 2010
well i think rob patt is gay and just wanted to stare at taylor lautner naked for a little longer... I would :) but like twi-soft said a gurl can dream
posted by twi-softLOL on Sep 17, 2010
LOL i luv taylor but this waz hilarious! rpattz isnt cute 2 me but he sure is funny. i wud luv 2 c taylor naked and ooh id get naked 2 and we wud both b wet, but not frum the rain if u kno wat i mean... HEHE a gurl can dream
posted by LAWL on Sep 11, 2010
posted by Tea on Aug 27, 2010
Robert your such a LOSER!!! -.- Poor you...
posted by TayloriZ_HotT on Jul 14, 2010
TaylorR u pooR thingG
posted by TayloriZ_HotT on Jul 14, 2010
Yeah ThEr iZ alot of stuF bouT lauNtner
posted by Anannya on Jun 16, 2010
Hey robert you should not do dat.poor thing

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