Joe Jackson to Sue Michael Jackson's Concert Promoters for Causing His Death

Joe Jackson

The father of the late singer, through his attorney, will file an official complaint against AEG with allegations of overworking Michael for This Is It concert series.

An attorney for Michael Jackson's father Joe is preparing to file an official complaint against concert promoters AEG, accusing company bosses of violating U.S. law by overworking the late superstar as he prepared for his ill-fated London residency. Jackson suffered a cardiac arrest and died in June 2009, just days before he was due to kick-off the mammoth This Is It series of tour dates.

His death has been ruled a homicide and the singer's medic, Dr. Conrad Murray, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter for administering the drug that ultimately led to his demise.

But Joe Jackson wants his son's concert bosses held accountable and his lawyer, Brian Oxman, is set to lodge a complaint with the United States Attorney General, alleging AEG executives were not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Oxman alleges AEG heads knew about the "Thriller" star's struggle with prescription drugs, deeming him effectively disabled, but continued to pressure Jackson to stick to a grueling rehearsal schedule in preparation for the London shows.

Oxman is also planning to file a complaint with the Medical Board of California, claiming AEG bosses had such tight control of the singer's medical treatment, it became the unauthorized practice of medicine, reports TMZ. The attorney tells the website he will lodge the complaints with the government agencies this month, before the first anniversary of Jackson's death on June 25.




    Dylan Nargang
    Jun 16, 2010

    yes i think Micheal Jackson is not dead and he faked his death and do you think Micheal Jackson will be a good school bus driver and his family will love riding the school bus to and Micheal will love his kids on his bus and other kids on his bus to and Micheal Jackson will be a good school bus driver farther and i think the man needs to go away because he was not a good farther to Micheal but Micheal Jackson said that he loves being a good farther and i think Micheal Jackson the king of pop is alive and his death was a fake and Micheal Jackson is not as a bad not like Saslshow bob or not like MrBurns not form the Simpions and you can email Tracy Ferguson who lives in Mose jaw and you can tell Tracy if she is interest in drving a big school bus and she will have good experience hearing the nosies little baby bumps and seat bumps on her bus and her oler gril's skating friend will have good experience sitting at the big of the school bus with me and hear the seat bumps on the bus with me and tell Tracy that she can take me for a school bus ride in mose Jaw one time and you can email Kristy Schwentke who lives in Regina and tell Kristy if she be interest in driving a big school bus and she have good experience hearing the nosie little baby bumps and seat bumps form under her big school bus and did you know that i saw James Brown alive in his coffin on you tube and the police should save James Brown in his coffin and i hope the police can get that bad Micheal Jackson killer the one with the white mask on you tube and do you think the NHL Coytoyes will move to Winnpeg and play there agian and when will the leafs win the Staney cup well you have a good night love Dylan Nargang and you can email Rheann sauer who lives near Edenwold and tell Rheann if she wants a school bus job and she be interest in driving a school bus and she have good experience hearing the nosie little baby bumps and seat bumps form under her bus and tell Rheann that i love her and i love riding the school bus to ?

    Jun 16, 2010

    Wow I don't understand why people is trying to get recognized at someone elses expense. Latoya got somewhat recognize on spots on tv talkshows when Micheal was falsely accuse of malestation. And now his father is trying to get what, money or, more recognition of his record company like he did that day he was interview at his sons funeral.. I've seen the "THIS IS IT" documentary, Michael was total in control of his action in making HIS concert a success. HIS doctor, Murray or whatever his name is, should pay dearly and locked up. If Micheal had an addiction to pain medication, like his father is stating, then his doctor, that was in Micheal house, should of known, Key words IF he had. And if it wasn't perscribe to Micheal then that doctor should of never given it to him. EVIDENCE POINTS TO THE DOCTOR.

    Jun 16, 2010

    Why doesn't Joe Jackson let Michael rest in peace. Michael wasnt sick or disabled, he knew exactly what he was doing and getting himself into. Micheal was presented an option and took it. I understand Joe wants justice but it's not with the promoters, or AEG unless the company, knew that Jackson's doctor gave him that drug, and did nothing. Joe wants justice he need to file a complaint against the doctor who gave him that illegal drug that killed him. First LaToya and now his so called father. Let him rest in peace.

    real time with me
    Jun 11, 2010

    this man needs to just go away! he was not a good father to Michael. he is a money hungry arse.

    Jun 11, 2010

    I agree . Both the concert bosses and the promotors .

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