Willow Smith to Release Debut Album, Mother Jada Pinkett Says

June 11, 2010 03:01:46 GMT

Regarding her daughter's upcoming record, Jada Pinkett Smith says, 'I look forward to enjoying music through her creations.'

Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith
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Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Jada Pinkett Smith has put aside her musical ambitions to help her daughter Willow Smith launch her own career as a singer. The "Nutty Professor" star has always dreamed of pursuing a career as a singer and even fronted rock band Wicked Wisdom in 2002.

But the actress admits she's put down the microphone to help her nine-year-old daughter record and release her debut album. Pinkett Smith tells, "I have always had a love for music, always, always, and always. I probably started to pursue it a little late in life. But it was always a passion of mine. I had always been too afraid to venture into music, but I decided when I was about 30 to just go for it. I started a metal band called Wicked Wisdom. I toured and I loved it."

"But soon after, my kids' careers started taking off, so I sacrificed it. I am pleased to say my daughter, Willow, will be putting out an album soon and . So I am excited about that, and she's pretty awesome. She will be better at it then I ever could be anyway!"


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posted by SWAGG on Oct 13, 2011
willow wheres the most flyist clothes their so cute you can rock anything anybody puts you in even if you don't like it you have SWAGG!
posted by Chichy from Nigeria on Apr 28, 2011
Willow smith i love ur music,
posted by Hi on Dec 29, 2010
I LOVE Willow Smith I want to Hvae her wardorbe and I love her hit song Whip my hair I listen to it like every single day. I just wish that I colud meet her!!
posted by I<33 The Smith Famil on Nov 15, 2010
I Love Jaden And Willow thanks for karate kid and whip your hair they are both amazing seen Karate kid when it was the first day it came out and heard whip your hair about 4 days after it came out u have got really talented children Thanks Megan
posted by shay shay on Jul 30, 2010
willow smith u is a graet singer one day i hope i can sing like u in your haircut is very very cute i like the star in your head bye bye
posted by sexy on Jul 22, 2010
i love jada im just lik her you heard

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