Joe Jackson Demands Publication of Michael Jackson's Posthumous Earnings

Joe Jackson

Blasting the administrators for being 'too secretive,' Joe said, 'The public has a right to know what the estate is doing in his name.'

Joe Jackson's lawyer is demanding publication of Michael Jackson's posthumous earnings following reports his estate has made $900 million since his death last year. The King of Pop passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest on June 25 and fans flocked to buy his albums and merchandise in the aftermath.

Since his death, Jackson's estate administrators have signed a $250 million deal with Sony which gave the record label full access to the singer's back catalogue and unreleased material. The release of his "This Is It" film, which gave fans a glimpse of Jackson in rehearsals for his ill-fated London tour residency, made more than $260 million.

An insider tells Britain's Sunday Mirror, "The estate has made around $900 million in cash since Michael's death. This is an incredible amount. No other artist has ever made that much since they died. It should ensure Michael goes down in history as the greatest artist of all time."

But Joe Jackson, who wants a share of the estate, is fuming - and his legal team is calling for administrators to publish details of the star's posthumous earnings. He tells the publication, "They are being too secretive. The public has a right to know what the estate is doing in his name."



    Jun 11, 2010

    Isn't it bad that Michael Jackson administration signed a deal with Sony when Michael himself said he was done with Sony after a box collection? Michael has indeed said that Sony is the devil and I'm sure he is above in disappointment how everything is being handled. Joe may not have the right intentions but it doesn't seem like the Jackson administration has the right ones either. I'm just sayin'

    Jun 09, 2010

    The public has no "right to know" what goes on in a deceased individual's estate. That is the business of the beneficiaries.

    Jun 07, 2010

    Joe Jackson is a GREEDY PIG and I hope some judge shuts him down for good. It's not the public's business. By the "public" he means himself.

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