Paul McCartney Asked to Apologize Following George W. Bush Joke

June 05, 2010 06:52:06 GMT

Republican John Boehner urges the former The Beatles' member to publicly apologize for a joke he made at the former president's expense.

Paul McCartney
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A top U.S. politician is demanding Sir Paul McCartney publicly apologize for a joke he made at former President George W. Bush's expense during an appearance at the White House on Wednesday, June 2.

Republican John Boehner was not amused when former The Beatles' star poked fun at the ex-leader's intellect as he became the first non-American to collect the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song from Bush's successor, President Barack Obama. McCartney said, "After the last eight years, it's great to have a president who knows where the library is."

During his appearance at the White House, McCartney performed some songs, including "Michelle" and "Hey Jude". At the tribute concert for the 67-year-old singer, fellow stars such as Stevie Wonder, Jonas Brothers, Corinne Bailey Rae and Faith Hill were also present and sang some of McCartney's greatest hits.


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posted by Ebony and Ivory 1982 on Jul 22, 2012
REWARD $1,000,000. Boycott Paul McFartney and Stevie Wonder along with Obama this is a majer cover up by the U.S. Goverment under the U.S. Copyright office.the song histery of Paul McCartney biggest hit song was mail in by a homeless guy Stevie Wonder wont on a TV talk show about it.Ebony and Ivory your Goverment LIED TO AA OF YOU.BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD CA.GRAMMY PRODUCER Contact KEN EHRLICH 17200 Oak View Dr. Encino, CA. 91316
posted by Gigi on Apr 10, 2011
I'm trashing all mccartney rubbish to maintain a clean junk free environment at our home.
posted by Gigi on Apr 10, 2011
mccartney is suffering from a chronic case of "dumbitity"
posted by farkle on Jul 14, 2010
Hey tangent....where can I get a can of that stuff? My computer has the smell of Liberal posts too!
posted by tangent on Jul 14, 2010
Liberals are the equivalent of diaper shit. Go back to eating your smores and singing around the camp fire. Every time you guys post I have to spray my computer with "Bullshitbegone".
posted by 75shovelhead on Jul 07, 2010
Why not marry 2 more times this should break your sorry arse, and get back to singing, and leave our goverment alone...A queen of incest>...
posted by wwarrior74 on Jul 05, 2010
Paul Mc Cartney is a Vegan Pansy. We have real men here like Ted Nugent and Charlie Daniels. Go have some Tea with your Queen retard.
posted by wwarrior74 on Jul 05, 2010
Hey Paul you Vegetarian retard. Why don't you take a trip to the Uncle Ted Ranch so he can put an arrow in your ass. Hey say hi to Satan for me when you die.
posted by Cap on Jun 20, 2010
Dear PD, I agree that Mr. McCartney has the right to speak his mind. He must also accept the consequences of his statements. Free Speech does not mean freedom from backlash. If you dance you must be prepared to pay the piper.
posted by pd on Jun 18, 2010
like a few other people have said, he had every right to make that comment. its called 'freedom of speech' i'd have thought you would be all for it? It wasn't even that bad an insult just a very light joke, especially in the context of, say, every other comedian or entertainer who has ever said anything about president bush.
posted by Deadwood on Jun 13, 2010
Is it just me or does anyone know what "I Am The West Detox" is talking about? "Milwaukee Phil" can't reference one racist comment he speaks of. "Eazy E 187 um Killa" is a child porn scum bucket. And these Obama lovers should be proud that their champion has set a new standard for the term "Bad President". I'm sure that Karl Marx is proud of him too. No wonder the Democrats have a jackass as their party mascot.
posted by Montana on Jun 11, 2010
Hey Original G. I read your post and came to the conclusion that your DNA is so defective, you should turn yourself in for voluntary castration. Really..Bush blew up the towers??? Yes and he also caused the meltdown at Chernobyl. The eruption of Vesuvius..and let us not forget the sinking of the Titanic. What a moron you are. Paul deserves fans like you.
posted by loco51 on Jun 10, 2010
paul what the hell happend to you? go home you dumb ass you and obama can suck each other off in kenya..
posted by Spoc on Jun 09, 2010
Mr. Bravo Encore. You are a shining example of liberalism. Everyone has the right to their own opinion as long as it is yours. You and your legion of cowardly fools will understand how real Americans feel come this November. You can then retire to the septic system you sprang from and enjoy swimming in the swill you love to regurgitate. And Mr. Real is apparent that you are a Bill Maher fan. That explains your pitiful attempt at sounding like an educated person. Go and worship your Guru of Socialistic mucus and leave the thinking to those with living brain cells. Enjoy your drugs and porn sites and pass out in peace.
posted by Paul on Jun 08, 2010
mccartney is a looser.........
posted by Carl on Jun 08, 2010
Bush is not an idoit and if we had his leadership in the gulf right now things would be better. Amazing how you continue to bash Bush when the current administration has all the same issue and created more. Please ask the white house to stop parting and get an answer for the oil crisis it the gulf. It is very hard to watch them party while this goes unanswered.
posted by James on Jun 08, 2010
Paul McCartney has no idea how to grow old gracefully with all the hate he has inside. Many have been fooled by his music which was OK a long time ago but he looks foolist trying to act the same old way. Time to give it up Paul and realize you are an old man now and no matter how hip you try to be it it is over. Just looks stupid for you to be so nasty in front of the public. Ringo said it best "Paul get rid of the hate..."
posted by Capeman on Jun 08, 2010
Boycott Paul McCartney and the black muslim President!
posted by Capeman on Jun 08, 2010
Paul, Obama and his wicket wife Michelle are all a piece of shit.
posted by Triudie on Jun 08, 2010
It is always interesting to read the cranial bilge that spews from the mouths of liberals. One of these navel lint Neanderthals is so inbred as to believe the 9/11 Truthers nonsense. Something that only the most brainwashed of the left is still expounding. McCartney was a braying ass and should have practiced basic manners, He does have the right to act like a pompous fool but others have the right to tell him to get sodomized as well. As for the Bush haters…well..they pay no attention to historic truth or any other truth. And those who have want to impugn his Texas heritage should go to Texas and make those statements. In my experience, they would get their fucking guts kicked out and a mud hole stomped in their pablum puking asses. In closing….Fuck Paul. Fuck this worthless administration. And fuck all the socialist liberals. Have a nice day.
posted by f on Jun 07, 2010
Paul needs a couple more wives’s to take the rest of his money, and then he would not be making stupid statements that offend many in this country. He absolutely should apologize and those supporting him making these statements can buy my share of anything he sells in the future, He is an old man trying to stay up with what he had a long time ago and he knows it just is not there any more -ridiculous. Needs to learn how to grow old gracefully.
posted by C on Jun 07, 2010
Oh geez, get over it. George W. Bush is a well known idiot, McCartney isn't the first to say it and he won't be the last. I will say that it's unfair to say that GWB doesn't know what a library is. I am sure he does, he just calls it a "liberry." Rock on, Sir Paul!
posted by GENEVA on Jun 07, 2010
In no way would I have ever thought I wuld be saying that I now hate Paul McCartney. Whether you liked or hated Bush, Paul's comment had nothing to do with policy. It was an elementary school attempt to insult someone. And those of you agreeing with him are just as stupid. He was just trying to ingratiate himself to obama, a man who never held a real job in his life who doesn't know how many states we have. You idiots have fallen for the media propaganda that Bush was an idiot. You can't think for yourselves. fuck mccartney and obama
posted by randyuns on Jun 06, 2010
Boycott Paul McCartney, and have the fool on the hill get back to where he once belonged. He doesn't belong here. 66 years ago many Americans died to bail your sorry butt out of a second World War. How dare you insult us in our White House.
posted by Bravo Encore on Jun 06, 2010
These Redneck Livestock Sex-Lovers' have been 'braindead' for centuries can tell from the 'toxic-drool' that they slober all over the page. Just like Palin,Cheney, Robertson,The Republican Party, The 'Bushwacker'..and all the little 'Moonshine' drinking hillbilly/thieves that they aspire to be.Take your 'Tea-Party' and do your 'pole dancing' in some isolated forest where you belong. Now do you need someone to translate for you??? Rednecks are clowns!
posted by J on Jun 06, 2010
Larryone, since you are "and American" you really should learn our history. The US of A kicked England's butt back across the Atlantic TWICE, not once - Revolutionary and War of 1812. Which has nothing to do with this.
posted by iseveryonestupidbutm on Jun 06, 2010
This is America its no secret bush had low intelligence for a president come on as for Paul it might not have been appropriate to make that joke. But it was his night let it be he did afterall organize the concert for new York to benefit the firefighters and police officers maybe you idiots think he should've minded his own business then too.then there is all you Obama haters you can thank your man bush for doing the worst job as president in the last 80 years and maybe ever to help Mr. Obama get elected by a wide margin good riddance to bush! Good luck to president Obama to play this lousy hand he was dealt ,and keep rocking Paul your only the most successful entertainer in history that is not opinion that is fact, look it up peace out
posted by J on Jun 06, 2010
So Boehner want McCartney to apologize for making a Bush joke? What, along with EVERY well-known comedian in the country??
posted by sg4beatles on Jun 06, 2010
Sir Paul has every right to say what he thinks & believes, just like the idiots who have commented here to the negative. I have much more respect & admiration for Sir Paul than I ever had for Mr Bush. He was the worst President America has ever had.
posted by ER on Jun 06, 2010
I don't think that he should have to apologize for anything. The joke might have been tasteless, but it was true. For eight years, our leadership floundered in a sea of bureaucracy and 'pass-the-buck' strategies. We are in not one, but TWO transcontinental conflicts! We are burning through cash that we don't have while I see people walking around without shelter or food. So I think the small and inconsequential joke at Bush's expense requires no apology. If anyone needs to apologize, it's Former President George W. Bush. He could start by saying sorry for not being there for us...during 9/11, during Hurricane Katrina...and what's worse is that I thought he would be better because in his campaign he ran on a values platform, but values seemed to just deteriorate too. :(
posted by larryone on Jun 05, 2010
Go back home you limey idiot you are a guest in MY country. We kicked your ass once and would do iot again. barry soetoro (aka) barack obamanation and you are cut from the same mold. From and American
posted by Eazy E 187 um Killa on Jun 05, 2010
Im addicted to Child pornography and i dont give 2 fucking fucks what ya think !
posted by Original G on Jun 05, 2010
Everyone with a brain knows bush blew up the towers ! Bush murderd 3000 innocent peopld! He deservs to burn in hell for eternity! I wish there was an afterlife! He would pay! Him , shug knight , reggie wright junior and oj simpson
posted by Nation on Jun 05, 2010
Paul is a bigger has been joke, along with Marxist Obama who should be cleaning up the gulf of LA instead of partying.
posted by Milwaukee Phil on Jun 05, 2010
Sir Paul owes no one an apology.John Boner brain has been fried from tanning booth rays, I've noticed he never ask repubs to apologize for all the rude and racist comments directed at our current president, Boner needs to keep his big fat orange mouth shut!Pauls a living legend and Boners a joke soon to be forgotten.
posted by ohwell on Jun 05, 2010
Sing it Paul! You don't owe any apologies. Bush is worse than stupid, he's evil and because of him over 4,ooo of our soliders are dead and thousands more maimed, their lives are destroyed. And that is NO JOKE.
posted by telllegend on Jun 05, 2010
bush was a joke
posted by captandan on Jun 05, 2010
It was a tasteless comment; he needs to stick to his music and not be another polital hack...
posted by posy on Jun 05, 2010
Quit trying to be John Lennon. I know you thought you were playing for the king. Pansy british socialist!
posted by JonJ on Jun 05, 2010
Used to be a huge McCartney fan. No more! He showed more respect to Comrade Putin on his tour in Russia than to a leader of the free world. I'm not a big Bush fan but he had to lead America through one of it's most difficult times. For that, no matter what our political persuasion, we should all be grateful. The worst of any President America has had, are better than any of the leftist leaders adored by idiots like McCartney. History will say so much and all of us, including McCartney, will be able to read all about it at our local library.
posted by B.B. on Jun 05, 2010
'Sir' Paul: Regarding your tasteless joke about our former President, George W. Bush: I would suggest you read/study a book on etiquette!! To insinuate that President Bush is illiterate, as a way of making a "joke" to pander to Obama was in no way humorous or proper. Regardless of your political views you are not a U.S. citizen; you come here as a guest to our country and you were way out of line to insult Mr. Bush. You owe him an apology! (If you have the intelligence and/or manners to do so.)
posted by G on Jun 05, 2010
Go home Paul,we don't need you here anymore. Either apologize or stay in England and play your concerts. Don't come to America to play your music. You are not welcome here anymore you British Pansy! George W.Bush=real man Paul Mccartney=coward

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