Claudia Schiffer Defends 'Blacked Up' Picture

June 04, 2010 09:23:56 GMT

Coming under fire for wearing an afro wig and dark make-up in a picture, Claudia Schiffer insists the image is not meant to offend anyone.

Claudia Schiffer
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Claudia Schiffer has been embroiled in controversy after snaps of the supermodel 'blacked up' were published in a German fashion magazine. The catwalk queen dressed in an afro wig and wore dark make-up for a shoot with designer Karl Lagerfeld in 2007 as part of a Dom Perignon advertising campaign.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, German style publication Stern Fotografie published the snap, along with five others taken as part of the same photoshoot. Now, a fashion editor at black lifestyle magazine Pride has slammed the photograph - comparing the image to those of America's controversial "minstrel shows".

Shevelle Rhule says, "It shows poor taste and it's offensive. There are not enough women of color featured in mainstream magazines. This just suggests you can counteract the problem by using white models."

"I don't believe they deliberately set out to offend, they obviously see it as being arty and feel that they are pushing boundaries. But clearly no thought has been given to the history behind what they have done and the comparisons it draws with minstrel shows."

However, Schiffer's rep insists the snap was not meant to offend: "The pictures have been taken out of context. The images were designed to reflect different men's fantasies. The pictures were not intended to offend, they were done very creatively and they are some of Karl Lagerfeld's favorite images of Claudia. People should not jump to conclusions."


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posted by Ms Black on Jun 09, 2010
To those of you who are not black you still don't get it. Minstels were very offensive because if you didn't grow up in that period you would think all black sterotyping is true. Blacks have endured things you can never imagine. Take a look back in history at all the mistreatment that blacks have endured. A white person trying to be us or act like blacks is just as offensive as what is still happend to blacks today. To the jackass that said blacks are inferior you have lost your damn mind. That stament alone is racist.
posted by Realist on Jun 08, 2010
People of color need to grow up and get over it. It's O.K. to bash whites and men, but anytime anyone even hints at anything dealing with darker skinned people they start screaming and ranting. Grow up. Get over it. Deal with it. You aren't special. Black women use hair straighteners, skin lighteners and other things trying to make themselves look white, and no one screams. Shari Belafonte and Nicole Ritchie are both blond white women now. No one complains. DEAL WITH IT!
posted by bored on Jun 08, 2010
WTH! the only reason this is big was because it was a white imitating a black. wanna know why racism is still mainstream? look around. there are more than a few people of darker skin colors who look for any slight instance they can twist to keep racism alive and in the media. get a life people. ignore the hate mongers and they will go away. when we quit paying attention to these type of people who continue to twist everyday life to seem racist, then they will stop and it will be easier to find and squash the REAL cases of racism. ever here of a little story of a boy who cried wolf??
posted by KaraNikky on Jun 08, 2010
It was done for artful purposes. As an African American woman, I am not offended by the photo. Some caucasions tan and get a curly perm, butt injections, etc. and it doesn't mean they want to be another race---they just want to their best selves. Some African American women relax their hair, get weaves/extensions and use bleaching products, etc. for those same reasons. I don't believe everything done to represent us is done to demean us. And to the person who wrote we are inferior, shame on you and your superiority complex!
posted by oompa on Jun 08, 2010
Give me a break. They wanted to show the same model in fantasy costume makeup of all different kinds. Minstrel shows, seriously? Talk about jumping to conclusions.
posted by jeymes on Jun 08, 2010
much ado about nothing. turnabout is fair play, so the next time a black or hispanic person dresses up "white," caucasians should raise a stink as well.
posted by C Darwin on Jun 08, 2010
Evolve people
posted by move on on Jun 08, 2010
Oh please, who cares? wah wah wah. The Wayans brothers can dress up as "ugly white chicks" and that's ok - even "funny"?? But THIS is racist? People need to calm down and get over it. This was an act of art and beauty, not hatred and mockery.
posted by Michael on Jun 08, 2010
Just like the Transformers 2 movie, nobody cares when the robots called the mexican guy "a taco". But everyone screamed when the robots "sounded" black!!!
posted by Michael on Jun 08, 2010
No one cares to even show the "asian" picture? No one is offended by the "asian" look? Why? Are Asians not to be feared?
posted by ditto on Jun 08, 2010
"Oh please, who cares? wah wah wah. The Wayans brothers can dress up as "ugly white chicks" and that's ok - even "funny"?? But THIS is racist? People need to calm down and get over it. This was an act of art and beauty, not hatred and mockery."
posted by what??? on Jun 07, 2010
I'm asian and i dont get offended if a white or black woman dressed herself as an asian...I don't see why this is wrong fro Claudia...why??? many black women try to dress like white or asian by trying to straighten their hair or color them blond and nobody cry foul...why???
posted by Smith on Jun 07, 2010
Inferior to what Zulu, you don't make sense, go corn hole your Mom!
posted by Smith on Jun 07, 2010
Think about it, why make her black in an ad? Because maybe she don't look good white!
posted by zulu on Jun 07, 2010
black people are only offended because they know they are inferior
posted by Criss on Jun 07, 2010
"Couldn't find a black model to represent white male fantasies about black women?" Good point. I know I'd much rather be with a real black woman than some white woman pretending to be black. I don't know which white males have fantasies about women in black face.
posted by Mikey on Jun 07, 2010
Many black women straighten their hair, or even make it blond, in an effort to look different. So what's the big deal here??
posted by ghana1976 on Jun 07, 2010
"These images were designed to represent male fantasies--so now white men fantasy about white women in black face? Couldn't find a black model to represent white male fantasies about black women? These images shouldn't be taken out of context? What the hell "context" is there?
posted by KayStar on Jun 07, 2010
Dizzy blonde!! She can't help it. She'll do whatever anybody tells her to because she has no brain of her own.
posted by podiwear on Jun 07, 2010
She should have been wearing PODI's

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